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We take a loan of USD 10,000.00 for 12 months

It’s good to start looking for a good deal by checking several offers from different banks and comparing them with each other. Let’s start with the offer of Good Finance and its express loan for any purpose.

The nominal interest rate offered by the bank is 10.00% per annum, and the commission for granting us a loan will be half the interest rate. As part of the loan, the available loan amount is from USD 1,000 to a maximum of USD 150,000, which we can repay in installments from 1 month to a maximum of 84 months.

The maximum amount of debt does not require a borrower’s security



which is certainly one of the advantages of this offer. The amount of credit we want to borrow as part of a loan for any purpose is USD 10,000. We want to repay our loan within one year. The APRC offered by the bank is 21.13%. On this basis, a monthly installment of USD 924 will be calculated.

Thus, we will have USD 11078 fully to be repaid, of which the sum of interest repaid will be USD 578. To take advantage of this offer, we do not need to set up a personal account at the bank, but a borrower’s earnings statement is required. If we want, we have the option of early repayment without incurring any consequences. The interest rates can be negotiated with the bank.

The cash loan at Loan and Credit is a loan with a nominal interest rate of 6.99% per annum. The commission charged by the bank for granting the loan is slightly lower and amounts to 6.9%. This offer includes a loan amount from USD 2,000 to a maximum of USD 200,000. The available repayment period offered by the bank is from six months to a maximum of 120 months.

The repayment period is very large


And everyone can adjust the loan repayment to their individual needs. The loan amount we apply for is USD 10,000. We want to divide the commitment into twelve equal installments. The actual Annual Interest Rate remains at 21.99%. The monthly installment charged by the bank will be USD 927. Thus, the total amount that we will have to pay will be USD 11,119, of which the sum of interest we will repay will be USD 410.

The borrower’s consent is required for his spouse to be able to take advantage of the offer. He will not receive credit without such consent. He must also provide a bank statement on earnings. If necessary, early repayment is possible and the interest rate can be negotiated with the bank.

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