Official Sites

UPN's Jake 2.0 Site
A small site containing information about the show's premise and cast.  Notable for the chat room and the entertaining "NSA Central" section.

Paramount's Jake 2.0 Site
More informative than UPN's Jake site, Paramount's site contains information about the show's cast and crew, an episode guide, and production notes.

Information and Reviews

A good source for episode recaps and reviews.

Television Without Pity
Humorous, highly detailed reviews.  Prepare for massive spoiling if you haven't seen the episodes.

Yummy Sushi Pajamas
Not as scary as it sounds.  Contains episode summaries, reviews, and screen captures.

Fan Sites

Geek Love
The ultimate tribute to Jake and Diane.  Contains forums, cast and character bios, spoilers, episode guide with reviews and transcripts, articles, screen captures, fan fiction, and even a fan list for Jake/Diane shippers.  This site is a must-see.

Jake Foley: The Ultimate Human Upgrade
An excellent and well-rounded look at our favorite nanite-enhanced superspy.  Contains general information about the show's premise, actors, characters, and episodes, as well as a small picture gallery and fan section.  Definitely worth checking out.

Fan Fiction
A slowly-but-surely growing collection of Jake fan fiction.

LJC's Fan Fiction Library
Excellent Jake 2.0 fan fics by Tara (LJC).

Mailing Lists

A large mailing list with a decent amount of activity.  Discuss episodes, share updates, and get to know other fans.

A small group of devoted Jake fans.

Submit your Jake 2.0 fan fiction for other fans to read and comment on.

LiveJournal Communities

A great place to get Jake updates and meet other fans.

Like to create LiveJournal icons? Like to steal icons created by other people?  This community is for you.