Pictures from Uncle Joe's Ham Shack...

Can you identify these classic mics?

This is one of Uncle Joe's favorite Mics, the RCA 77-D, among most of the Shure mics. Do you know what the RCA 77-D 'TV' mic looks like?

This is a 'like new' S-38EB, and the box it came in. Do you know what the 'B' means?

At the right is a Collins 32V3 Transmitter, do you know the Receiver?

This HT-47 Transmitter was a very popular rig. Do you know the Receiver Model?

This is the famous BC-610 used during World War II and the Korean war. There is mention that the transmissions declaring the end of WW II was made using the BC-610. Here, I take no chances when powering it on for the first time.

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