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Reggie's Victorian Trade Card Wanted List

Following is a list of Victorian trade cards that Reggie wants to add to his collection:

  1. Abbott's Bitters / Metamorphic with Uncle Sam, Old King Cole, Abbott Man Folded Click to view photo Unfolded Click to view photo
    Metamorphic card with Uncle Same, Old King Cole, and Abbott Man. Unfolded shows Abbott man pouring bitters into glasses. Back has advertising text and picture of bottle.

  2. Allen's Sarsaparilla / Mechanical Wheel - Man with large bottle Click to view photo
    Color front shows man holding large bottle of product. There is a wheel behind the card that can be rotated to show four faces with advancing ages on the body.

  3. Ayer's Want any Ayer's cards that I don't already have, including:
    1. Ayer's Hair Vigor / Sick Indian Click to view photo
      Color front shows Indian maiden offering pills to a very sick looking Indian warrior. Teepee and other Indians in background. Back has advertising text in Greek.

    2. Ayer's Hair Vigor / Grandma's Curls Click to view photo
      "Grandma's Curls. If Grandma had used Ayer's Hair Vigor her hair would not have turned gray... no need of the false curls which 'Little Mischief' is dipping in the INK." Blonde girls sits on POLAR BEAR rug. Great reverse advertising for Ayer's, plus illustration of bottle and long-haired beauty.

  4. Barker's Bone & Nerve Bone Liniment Click to view photo
    Barker's "Komic picture" souvenir part 4 published by The Barker, Moore & Mein Medicine Co. Philadelphia, Pa. Cover "Old Farmer Green & his flying machine Be-gosh" with back cover showing black boy "Pete Gubison scared into a spell of Jim Jams by a trick of the boys with a falso face". Booklet measures 9 1/2" x 6 1/2" with cover loose & edges showing signs of wear. Has about 25 pages with circus, black, animal, and advertising cartoons

  5. Barry's Tricopherous
    1. Barry's Tricopherous / Fancy Gentleman & Lady
      Picture on front has fancily dressed man & lady - she has a fan, he's holding his hat. Caption reads "Guaranteed to restore the hair to bald heads and to make it grow thick, long and soft."

    2. Barry's Tricopherous Baldness Cure /Matador Click to view photo
      Victorian tradecard advertising Barry's Tricopherous, a Baldness "Cure", with great B&W lithos of the product bottle on the reverse side. This card measures 5 1/4 by 3 inches; The reverse side reads in part "the only article that will positively cause a new growth of hair on bald places".

  6. Bixby Shoe Polish / Man & Woman getting Shoe Shine - showslarge bottle Click to view photo
    Shows a Victorian couple getting a shoe shine from kids. Oversize bottle shown in middle.

  7. Bromo Seltzer / Horse Drawn Cart Click to view photo
    On the wagon is a large display bottle of Bromo-Seltzer with the following: "Trial Size...10cents...Bromo-Seltzer cures all Headaches...Emerson Drug Co." Very good condition with some yellowing. Postcard with spot for 1 cent postage.

  8. Brown's Household Panacea / Man Carrying burning stove Click to view photo
    Front shows picture of man carrying a buring stove - he is obviously not feeling any pain. Front partly reads "Brown's Household Panacea - The Great Pain Reliever. Back has advertising text.

  9. Brown's Iron Bitters Click to view photo
    Large mechanical card with picture of Jester sitting on box of product with bottle nearby. Wheel in back rotates to show a different picture each month.

  10. Burdock Blood Bitters
    1. Burdock Blood Bitters / How OWL'D Are You? Click to view photo
      The reverse reads : INVALID LADIES! THIS IS FOR YOU. There are thousands of females in America who suffer untold miseries from chronic diseases common to their sex. This is due largely to the peculiar habits of life and fashion, and the improper training of girlhood ...

  11. California Fig Bitters / Black Mammy expelling gas Click to view photo
    B&W card shows black mammy expelling gas.

  12. Carter's Liver Pills / Crow with sign Click to view photo
    Front reads "A Positive Cure for Sick Headache" and has black & white picture of crow holding a sign for "Carter's Little Liver Pills". Lettering is in red.

  13. Coca Wine / Large PIC of Bottle Click to view photo
    Colorful tradecard issued by Caswell, Hazard & Co. of New York and Newport, RI, for their Wine of Coca, "a quick and very diffusable stimulant," composed of pure grape wine and Peruvian cocaine. The reverse of the card lists the many health benefits - it both averts fatigue and induces sleep!!! It is recommended as a voice tonic and as an opium substitute - suggested dosage is a wine glass full at or after meals - HALF A GLASS FOR CHILDREN!!!!!!!! card measures 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". This company may be the predecessor of Caswell, Massey.

  14. Coca-Cola 1907/ Metamorphic Girl Waitress and Tub
    Opened, this trade card measures 5 3/8" x 6 1/4". Closed, it measures 3 1/2" x 6 1/4". The front says: Drink Coca-Cola. Appearances are sometimes deceiving but Coca-Cola can always be relied on as nourshing, refreshing and exhilarating. When opened the card reads: When thirsty, tired or head-achey; or after a night out try a Coca-Cola High Ball , It Hits the Spot. The back of the trade cards reads: When tired Coca-Cola will refresh you; Head-achey, help you; Nervous, relieve you; Thirsty, fill you. WATER When boiled and filtered will do to bathe in or even drink if it costs nothing. But if you have to buy it get a drink which has something to it more than mere dampness, get Coca-Cola It is always Nourshing, Refreshing, Invigorating. More than 250 Million Bottles (glasses) used last year For Sale Everywhere To dealers at 70 cents a case. To families at $1.00 a case. (contents: two dozen bottles) Phone or write nearest Coca-Cola Bottling Co. "Issued by" (Western Coca-Cola Bottling Co.) Chicago. Bottom on back has "registration applied for".

  15. Congress Bitters / Washington DC Capital Building Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo
    Color front shows view of the Capital with people and carriages in foreground. Back has list of all its cures and remedies.

  16. Drexel's Bell Cologne / Cherubs with flower bell Click to view photo
    Color front shows three cherubs flying around bell covered with flowers. This beautiful tradecard, printed by Knapp Lith. of nY in 1892, advertises Drexel's Bell Cologne (their product has a bell on the labels and blown on the glass of the bottle), as well as Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup for teething pain, stomach acidity, diarrheoa, and dysentery. Lovely vignette of cherubs with rose petals. Advertising text on the reverse. 2 1/8" x 4 1/8".

  17. Duffy Whiskey / Ink Blotter Click to view photo
    This 5 3/4 inch by 3 3/8 inch advertising ink blotter from the Duffy Malt Whiskey Co. of Rochester, New York. They state that this is the one whiskey that the government has recognized as a medicine (to avoid Carrie Nation and her hatchet and her prohibition temperance supporters I suppose). It was awarded the gold Medal at the St Louis Worlds Fair Exposition (1904) and was for sale by all druggists and or dealers or direct at $1.00 per bottle!

  18. Electric Brand Shirts / Lady Columbia and Liberty Statue Click to view photo
    Unique patriotic theme (Fourth of July, Lady Liberty, Lady Columbia) 1885 Victorian trade card advertising Gunnison & Son "Electric Brand" Shirts, Gents' and Ladies Collars, and Cuffs. Also shows trademark of "Electric Brand" which is hand hold electricity bolts. Measures 5 1/4 by 3inches.

  19. Fahrney's Blood Cleanser / Fahrney presenting bottle Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo
    Color front shows Dr Fahrney presenting bottle to a family. Advertises Fahrney’s Blood Cleanser of Panacea for Impure Blood and all Disorder’s of the Liver, Bowels, Kidneys, Bladder, etc. S. E. Dubbel, Proprietor, Waynesboro, Pa.

  20. Faricum / Sick/Healed people thru oversized bottle Click to view photo
    Color front shows crowd of people passing thru oversized bottle of product. On the left they are sick, but after passing thru bottle they emerged healed on the right side. Part of label reads "For the cure of diptheria, sore throat, croup, catarrh...". Back has advertising text for Read's 3-Minute Headache and Neuralgia Cure, and Read's Sore Throat and Catarrh Powder.

  21. Dr. Haas Remedy / Weighing The Baby Click to view photo
    Front shows pig family with father holding baby in a scale. Entitled "Weighing The Baby".

  22. Hale's Honey Cough Cure / Girls at Beehive Click to view photo
    Front advertises it "cures coughs & colds". Picture shows big girl pointing out beehive to a smaller girl.

  23. Hall's Hair Renewer / Girl with before picture Click to view photo
    B&W front shows girl with lovely flowing hair. She is holding picture of what she looked like before using product. Labeled bottle is on her dresser. Back has advertising text.

  24. The Harden Star Hand Grenade / 2 scenes showing their use Click to view photo
    Front shows two color scenes on how to use the fire grenades. 1st is a victorian women banging two grenades together over a fire in her parlor. 2nd is a man throwing a grenade at fire in the office. Back has advertising text.

  25. Dr Harter's Tonic / Marriage Puzzle Click to view photo
    Colorful front shows different people in a circle. The directions on the right side of the card indicate that starting at the center women are to follow a white line and men are to follow a black line to their "matrimonial destiny" The colums on the left side of the card represent a kind of puzzle through which you can determine a persons exact age. The back of the card has outrageous claims for Dr Harter's Iron Tonic and his Little Liver Pills

  26. Hood's Sarsaparilla / Circus Spotlight Click to view photo
    The white spot light reads "Take Hood's Sarsaparilla to Purify Your Blood, 100 Doses $1.00". The reverse side advertises "Forepaugh's Great Show" and also "Hood's Sarsaparilla". Unusual tradecard in that it was obviously distributed at Forepaugh's Circus (on the back it reads "Immediately after the regular ring performance a grand Concert will be given..." and then lists eight performers!

  27. Hunt's Remedy / Patient showing bottle to doctors Click to view photo
    Color front shows man in yellow robe (recovered patient?); he is showing off bottle to group of men (who all look like doctors). Back has advertising text.

  28. Hunt's Remedy / Victorian Lady - ABC's of Society Click to view photo Click to view photo
    Color front shows Victorian lady in beautiful red dress. Caption reads "ABC's of Society - Compliments of the Hunt's Remedy Co". Back has advertising text, including picture of man beating skeleton with bottle.

  29. Indianapolis Brewing Co / 3 part front Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo
    Color front shows 3 pictures: boy with bottle of Lieber's Ozotonic, topless angel with glass of beer, and little girl with 2 bottles.

  30. St Jacob's Oil / Victorian Lady Click to view photo
    Front shows color picture of fancily dressed Victorian lady in brown dress with pink flowers in her hat. Front reads "St Jacobs Oil, Conquers Pain". Back has advertising text.

  31. Dr. Jayne's Want any Dr. Jayne's cards that I don't already have, including:
    1. Dr. Jayne's / The Little Doctor Click to view photo
      Front is entitled "The Little Doctor" and shows color litho of little boying posing as a doctor with hat and cane. There is a bottle of medicine on a table.

    2. Dr. Jayne's Expectorant and Vermifuge / Girl in pink frock with dog

  32. Kickapoo Indian Remedies
    Front shows picture of Indians with horses crossing river. Back has advertising for some of the products like Kickapoo Indian Sagwa and others.

  33. Dr. Kilmer's
    There are 13 cards in the Dr Kilmer's series. Looking for the ones that I don't already have, especially these:
    1. Dr. Kilmer's Standard Herbal Remedies / Bottle & Man's Anatomy
      Front shows bottle labeled with man's anatomy. Drug store shelves in background are filled with Kilmer products. Top shows picture of Dr Kilmer and his factory. Referred to as the 13th card - the hardest to get of the 13 Kilmer cards.

    2. Dr Kilmer's Ocean Weed Heart Remedy / Click to view photo
      Color front shows view thru window of a sailboat. Also shows picture of heart. Back has graphic of heart with full advertising claims.

    3. Dr Kilmer's Indian Cough Cure Consumption Oil / Indian holding bottle plus kids on sled Click to view photo
      Color front shows procession of Indians with lead Indian holding up a bottle of the product - other picture on front shows kids on a sled.

  34. Lash's Bitters
    See related bottles and cards I already have.
    1. Lash's Bitters / Man Sleeping with Barrel Click to view photo
      Color front shows man sleeping with a barrel. Back shows large picture of bitters bottle and claims "... Sure Cure for Constipation, Indigestion, Billiousness, Dyspepsia, ...". Hilarious graphic, scarce, and one of the best Lash's cards.

    2. Lash's Bitters / The 5 Senses Click to view photo
      This humorous and risqué trade card shows five pictures SEEING, waiting for her lover; HEARING, listening for the doorbell; SMELLING, smelling the flowers; FEELING, petting; and TASTING, use your imagination. Reverse: Advertisement for Lash's Bitters Co.

    3. Lash's Bitters / Plane over New York City 1911 Click to view photo
      Color front shows old airplane flying over New York City in 1911. Bottle of product hanging from airplane. Postcard size.

    4. Lash Bitters / Lady in Rain Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo
      Slightly risque theme. Color front shows lady crossing street in the rain. She is holding umbrella and says "Oh dea I would like to see it clear up". Two nearby boys are playing dice under cover of a box. One boy replies "Gee it's a cinch. So would we." Back shows large color picture of labeled bottle.

    5. Lash's Bitters / Five Lessons in Chiropody Click to view photo
      A naughty trade card for Lash's Bitters. Shows 5 different shots of couple in bed at different times of night. Only there feet are shown, but suggestion about what they are doing is unmistakeable.

  35. Lawrence and Martin's Tolu / Lady drinking glass with bottle Click to view photo
    Trade Card is 3" by 4 3/8". Image is of elegant Victorian lady with fan, necklace, holding a wine glass full of product. Product bottle on table. All this in an oval frame in center. Bottom left has two men making product. Side right has blacks tapping trees to get product ingredients. Text is, "LAWRENCE AND MARTIN'S TOLU", over flowers on top of oval frame. Text below, "ROCK AND RYE THE GREAT CURE FOR COUGHS, COLDS AND CONSUMPTION AND ALL DISEASES OF THE THROAT AND LUNGS. ASK YOUR GROCER OR DRUGGIST FOR IT.". Small text in lower right border, "SHOMER & CAROUEVILLE LITH. CO. CHICAGO." Bottle on table in center has fully readable label, "TOLU ROCK AND RYE….."

  36. Lea & Perrins' Sauce - The Original "Worsestershire" / That's It
    Shows picture of well-to-do man at table getting ready to eat a steak, and the waiter has brought him a bottle of Lea & Perrins. Caption under front reads "That's It".

  37. Mathis Family Liniment / Couple holding bottle Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo
    Color front shows man and wife - man is holding up bottle.

  38. Mexican Mustang Liniment / Girl healing puppy + large bottles Click to view photo
    Front color graphic shows little girl healing a bandaged sick puppy dog, other cute animals surrounding, and two large bottles of the product. Back has advertising text.

  39. Mexican Mustang Liniment / Circus Scene with actors and horse Click to view photo
    Front color shows circus scene with stricken lady actor and horse. Another lady is rushing to the rescue with a bottle of product.

  40. Montana: The Great American Cordial Bitters / Bottle Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo
    This card was issued by H. A. Chalvin, 100 Bleecker St., New York to advertise the "Montana Great American Cordial Bitters". The sie of this card is 5.0 X 3.1 inches.

  41. Murray & Lanman Florida Water
    Looking to add any nice condition cards to complete my current set.
    Some of the cards I'm looking for:
    1. Murray & Lanman Florida Water / Girl Holding Book - Cupid Click to view photo
      Color front shows beautiful woman with low-cut blue dress sitting in garden and holding a red book, there is a cupid statue in the background.

    2. Murray & Lanman Florida Water / Flowers of Paradise Click to view photo
      Color front shows pretty young maiden in foreground under an orange tree. There is a couple holding hands in the background.

    3. Murray & Lanman Florida Water / Healt & Beauty Manual Click to view photo
      This is a great 12 page, advertising (trade card) booklet, for Florida Water Perfume. The booklet cover has two victorian ladies and cherubs on the front and a great picture of the bottle on the back. It contains all the beauty tips for great health, care of teeth, hair, hands, and colors.

  42. Mustang Liniment / Sick Horse and Circus Lady
    Front shows picture at circus with a sick horse and sick lady. Caption reads "Use Mustang Liniment and you will be all right in a day or two, so will your horse."

  43. Palmer's Extra Cologne / Frog riding Goose - bottle on cat-tail Click to view photo
    Color front shows frog riding a goose. Frog is holding a cat-tail plant with bottle hanging from it.

  44. Parisian Sauce / Lady Columbia presenting bottle Click to view photo
    Trade card promoting PARISIAN SAUCE has it all: Miss Columbia draped in a patriotic garb, the Statue of Liberty, an eagle sitting on an American shield, schooners in NY harbor, and La Belle France sporting the French flag. Mayer, Merkel, & Ottmann Lithographers of NY did an excellent job in producing this 5 1/8” x 3 1/8” card with elaborate details and VIBRANT colors.

  45. Parker's Ginger Tonic / Man holding box warding off devils Click to view photo
    Sepiatone picture on front shows man holding up box of Parker's Ginger Tonic to chase away devils labeled cramps, dyspepsia, heartburn, ... Back has further advertising.

  46. Parson's Purgative Pills / Boxer knocking out competitors Click to view photo
    1886 B&W card with front showing a boxer, with body shaped like product, who has knocked out the competing products (also shaped like boxers with products as their bodies).

  47. Dr. Perrin's Medicated Cubeb Cigarettes / People Smoking Click to view photo
    B&W front advertises "Smoke Dr. Perrin's Medicated Cubeb Cigarettes for Catarrh & c. / Sold by all Druggists / 25 cents per box".

  48. Piso's Cure / Girl Reaching for Bottle Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo
    B&W front shows girl reaching for bottle. Back shows mom giving product to 3 year old.

  49. Rex Bitters / Heart Trouble Click to view photo
    Front is B&W picture showing Victorian lady with gown pulled up over her naked breasts while doctor listens to her heart. Entitled "Heart Trouble" on front. Back has advertising text for Rex Bitters Co. Incorporated. Chicago: 1532 Michigan Ave. Phone Calumet 2882.

  50. Rheinstrom Bitters Click to view photo
    Color front shows picture of bottle and box. Blank back. Heavy stock paper.

  51. Rough On Rats / Chinaman eating rat Click to view photo
    The rarest and best Rough On Rats trade card. This very anti-Chinese card uses the slogan "They Must Go" to refer to vermin and the Chinese. At the same time identifying the Chinese with rats and roaches and showing a Chinaman eating a rat on top of it all! Litho'd by Forbes of Boston this card measures 7 x 5.

  52. Shiloh's Consumption Cure / Pleasure Steamer Shiloh Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo
    Front shows picture of the pleasure steamer "Shiloh" on Silver Lake, NY. Front partly reads "Shiloh's Consumption Cure for Coughs, Colds". Back has advertising text with 16 reasons why you should use Shiloh's Remedies.
    See matching bottle.

  53. Dr. Thompson's Eye Water / Doctor with Girl Click to view photo
    Tradecard advertising Dr. Isaac Thompson's Eye Water "for all complaints of the eyes."

  54. Upton's Liquid Fish Glue / Brownies making glue in pot Click to view photo
    Color front shows brownies fetching fish from lake and putting them in a boiling pot to make glue. Bottle of product below pot.

  55. Warner's Tippecanoe / Indians in Canoe Click to view photo
    Front shows colorful scene of Indians going downstream in a canoe. Some of the advertising on front reads "After using our Tippecanoe you will use no nostrums nor preparations called Bitters". Back is blank.

  56. William's Cough Remedy / Family at table Click to view photo
    Color front shows family at table with kids going for the bottle.

  57. Wood's Flavoring Extracts / Large bottle and box Click to view photo
    Color front shows large picture of bottle and box.

  58. Wright's Indian Pills / Doctor and healed man Click to view photo
    Front shows doctor examining product, while healed man relaxes in chair. Back shelf is apparently full with bottles of other products that failed.

  59. Wright's Indian Pills / Columbia and World-Head Click to view photo
    Front shows lady Columbia present box to man with world globe as his head. Copyright 1877.

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