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Kickapoo Indian Victorian Trade Cards

See Kickapoo Indian Sagwa/Oil bottles.

See photo of Kickpoo Indian Sagwa and Oil Advertising Billboard Click to view photo from Indian Patent Medicine Show, Orangeville, Illinois 1890.

List of trade cards:

  1. Kickapoo Indian Remedies / Buffalo Hunt Click to view photo
    1880s trade card for Kickapoo Indian Remedies entitled the "Buffalo Hunt", which shows picture of Indians hunting buffaloes. Size 2.5" x 4", excellent condition with minor corner crease on upper right corner. A rare card, and the back has beautiful typography describing the various medicines such as Kickapoo Indian Sagwa, Kickapoo Indian Oil, Kickapoo Indian Salve, Kickapoo Indian Worm Killer, and Kickapoo Indian Cough Cure.

  2. Kickapoo Indian Remedies / Catching the wild horse Front Click to view photo Back Click to view photo
    Front shows color picture entitled "Catching the wild horse / Kickapoo Indian Remedies" with Indian catching a wild horse on a rope. Back has advertising text. Card in very good condition with some roughness around the edges and minor creasing.

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