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  1. CONGRESS SPRING CO SS NY label New Front Click to view photo Base Click to view photo For Sale
    Deep teal green glass, BIM blob top that still has original cork intact with wire wrap closure, also has part of the original label that someone taped onto the bottle to hold it in place, all embossing is on the base, an interesting find, near mint condition, For Sale $40 at Oakwood Inv#SC6-S105.

  2. LYNCH & CLARKE / NEW YORK pontil Click to view photo
    Yellowish olive-amber glass, height 7 1/4", C-2-B type 1 in Tucker's Saratoga book, pint size, pontiled base with mold seam that crosses base, applied sloping double collar mouth, very crude with lots of bubbles, has been professionally cleaned to excellent condition but still retains some light case wear, no repairs and no damage, circa 1811-1846.
    According to McKearin's American Bottles book pages 234-235, LYNCH & CLARKE was the very first Saratoga springs water bottles. The company was founded in 1811 by Thomas Lynch and Dr John Clarke. Lynch later died in 1833, and Clarke died in 1846, after which Clarke's heirs changed the name to CLARKE & COMPANY.
    A bottle with my last name "Lynch" on it, so it's a keeper till I find a duplicate.

  3. VERMONT SPRINGS / SAXE & CO / SHELDON VT. citron New Front Click to view photo
    Medium yellow olive (citron) glass, a rare and attractive color for this bottle that is normally found in medium green, ex Dr. Stanley Samacki collection, height 9 3/4", BIM with smooth base, applied sloping double collar mouth, quart size, type V-21-A in Tucker's Saragota book, near mint condition, Keeper.

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