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  1. DeLourdes Praying Lady Figural Click to view photo Sold
    Clear glass that still has most of its original hand painting, height 8 1/2", BIM with smooth base, still has original glass stopper with cork lining, shaped in figure of lady in fancy robe (cross hanging from robe) - she has her handing folded in prayer, bottle in excellent condition with some inside content stain and a tiny base bruise (very hard to see), stopper has a small chip in the side, above base is embossed picture of a building, embossed around base "N.D / DeLourdes / PPN", smooth base is embossed "DIAMI", probably French circa 1900, SOLD.

  2. Viobot New Click to view photo For Sale
    Light cobalt blue glass, height 7 1/2", BIM with smooth lip, smooth base embossed with a "D", has original copper hanger that is in excellent condition, glass is mint, For Sale $55.

  3. Viobot New Click to view photo For Sale
    Peacock blue glass, height 7 ", BIM with hand tooled lip, smooth base, only embossing is string pattern on the front violin shaped figural bottle (i.e. "viobot"), mint condition and a beautiful/scarce color, For Sale $40.

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