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Useful books that Reggie has in his library for cataloging/pricing antique bottles. Arranged in order of importance to Reggie's collecting interests. A few of these have been marked "For Sale", but the rest are keepers for now. Some have links to other places where you can order the book.
  1. The Auction Price Report 1997

  2. Kovels' Bottles Price List - 10th Edition (1996).

  3. Ink Bottles and Ink Wells by William E. Covill, Jr., 1st edition 1971, published by William Sullwold. This copy is signed by the author. Is in used condition with a frayed corner but all pages intact. This book is the de-facto standard for ink bottles. This book is also out-of-print and very hard to find a copy - usually sells in the $150-250 range.

  4. American Bottles and Flasks and Their Ancestry by Helen McKearin and Kenneth M. Wilson, 1st edition, published 1978 by Crown Publishers, New York. The acknowledged bible for flask collectors. This book is out of print and can only be bought used from a collector willing to part with it - usually sells for $100-250.

  5. Sam Greer Medicine Bottles is a 1989 Harmer Rooke Galleries auction price guide (with prices realized) of the 1820 lots of early American medicine bottles (most pontilled) sold from the Samuel J. Greer Collection. All picture in B&W except for color pictures of all colored bottles. It is generally believed that this collection of Dr Greer's covers at least 70% of all known pontilled medicines.
    May be able to buy this book (if copies still remain) from John Brandt Email:

  6. Watt White Collection 1996/97 Auction Catalog with 453 lots of ink bottles from the Watt White Collection. Hard bound book with color pictures.

  7. Digger Odell's Office Antique Bottle and Glass Collector Magazine Price Guide - Volume 4 INKS by John "Digger" Odell. Great pictures of some great inks. Probably the nicest ink guide that you can buy that is still in print.

  8. PEPSI : COLA Bottles Collectors Guide in full color by James C. Ayers. The definitive guide for Pepsi bottles and an excellent example of how a bottle book should be done. Color plate of every bottle and a price guide. Can order from RJM Enterprises.

  9. Bitters Bottles by Carlyn Ring and W.C. Ham. The bible for Bitters collectors. See ordering info.

  10. Bill Porter's Coke Bottle Checklist.

  11. Savannah Sodas - An Illustrated List

  12. A Collector's Guide to PATENT AND PROPRIETARY MEDICINE BOTTLES of the Nineteenth Century New by Joseph K. Baldwin, Copyright 1973, first edition, hardbound with original dust jacket, A comprehensive listing of over 4,000 bottles with more than 800 B&W illustrations, also has price guide addendum, excellent condition with tear to dust jacket and a few light water stains but otherwise looks about new.

  13. The Collector's Guide to Old Fruit Jars - RED BOOK No. 8 by Douglas M. Leybourne Jr.

  14. Bill Agee's Collecting All Cures.

  15. John DeGrafft's American Sarsaparilla Bottles.

  16. Donald Tucker's Collector's Guide to the Saratoga Type Mineral Water Bottles.

  17. The Illustrated Guide to The Collectibles of Coca-Cola New by Cecil Munsey, Copyright 1972, 1st edition, hard bound with dust jacket, excellent condition.

  18. Glenn Poch's The Collector's Guide to Bitters Bottles A to Z.

  19. The Official Price Guide Bottles by Jim Megura.

  20. Victorian Tradecards by Dave Cheadle. Trade cards make a great go-with for your bottles.

  21. American Glass 15th Edition 1963 by George S. and Helen McKearin, published by Crown Publishers. For Sale
    Has great section on Historical Flasks with figures/tables that allows identifying flasks per McKearin guidelines. Hard to find since it's out of print.
    Worn used book, missing the dust jacket, but not damaged. For Sale $45.

  22. American Glass From the pages of ANTIQUES (the magazine), For Sale
    Two Volumes in One, Volume 1: Blown and Molded, Volume 2: Pressed and Cut, copyright 1974 by The Pyne Press. Out of print.
    For Sale $30.

  23. Warner's Reference Guide For Sale by Ed Ojea and Jack Stecher, with 1999-2000 pricing, 1st edition. Signed by Stecher. For Sale $20.

  24. Warner's Reference Guide by Ed Ojea and Jack Stecher, with 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 pricing, 1st edition. Signed by Stecher, Ayers, Kyle, and Ojea.

  25. H.H. WARNER / HIS COMPANY & HIS BOTTLES by Michael W. Seeliger. Paperback booklet with 36 pages that include sketches of each Warner's bottle and great descriptions and history. Out of print.

  26. Digger Odell's Office Antique Bottle and Glass Collector Magazine Price Guide - Volume 3 FLASKS by John "Digger" Odell. Good for seeing actual photos of flasks, but McKearin Flask book is better for identification and Auction Price Report is better for pricing.

  27. Poison Bottles Collectors Guide, Vol 1 by Roger Durflinger. This book is out of print.

  28. Baltimore Bottle Book 1st edition copyright 1998. Available thru the Baltimore Bottle Club.

  29. SC Dispensary Bottle Price List by Matt Bramblett

  30. Old Owl Drug Bottles & Others by Al & Margaret Jensen.
    Have the 1967 1st edition and 1968 revision.


  32. Ketchup, Pickles, Sauces - 19th Century Food in Glass by Betty Zumwalt. Copyright 1980. First Edition. New condition - hard cover with plastic-line dust jacket.

  33. The Golden Age of Quackery by Stewart H. Holbrook Copyright 1959, First Edition. 302 pages. Plastic-lined dust jacket. Excellent condition.

  34. White House - The Collection of Charles Perry

  35. A Treasury of American Bottles by William C. Ketchum, Jr, copyright 1975, 222 pages with lots of color and B&W photos, hard cover with dust jacket, excellent condition.

  36. Collecting Bottles for Fun and Profit by William C. Ketchum, Jr., copyright 1985, soft cover, 96 pages, many color pictures of great and interesting bottles. excellent condition.

  37. The Mad Old Ads by Dick Sutphen, 1st edition copyright 1966. Mylar protected dust jacket, excellent condition.

  38. Bottle Rush U.S.A. by Lynn Blumenstein, copyright 1966 with 1971 price list. Very good condition.

  39. A Guide For Insulator Collectors with Prices Volumes I and II, by John C. Tibbitts, Volume I 6th printing 1970, Volume II 4th printing 1970, both in excellent condition.

  40. Bottle Pricing Guide - 3rd Edition (1996) by Hugh Cleveland. For Sale
    For Sale $5.

  41. Bottles Identification and Price Guide 1st edition 1994 by Michael Polak from the Confident Collector Series.

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Wanted I'm currently searching for used copies of the following out-of-print books that I would like to add to my library. Contact me if you have one of these for sale:

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