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  1. Keen Beer iron pontil Click to view photo For Sale
    Black glass (slight yellow tint when held to light), height 8", 3-piece mold, push-up base with smooth iron pontil, crude applied lip, excellent condition with only 2 tiny nicks on top of lip, circa 1840-1860, item# BG4, For Sale $30.

  2. Keene Beer iron pontil Click to view photo Sold
    Black glass (slight yellow tint when held to light), no mold lines, crude applied lip, circular base with push-up bottom and smooth iron pontil, height 7.8", base diameter 3", told this was a "Keene Beer" bottle (no embossing on bottle), circa 1800, near mint condition, item# BG1, SOLD.

  3. Squat Cylinder pontil, ladies leg Click to view photo Click to see Auction
    Black glass (looks dark olive when looking thru light), mallet-shaped bottle that is actually a squat cylinder with ladies leg neck, BIM with crude collared lip, free blown dip mold, refired pontil, height 8 1/4" tall. This bottle is in pristine, shiny condition except for a very minute ping in the shoulder (barely detectable), item# BG6, Sold by Auction.

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