Keg Thread Sizes

by: Mike Dixon

The question often arises as to whether or not Ball-lock and Pin-lock kegs posts can be interchanged. If the threading is the same, the answer is yes, on certain sizes they can be interchanged. New posts are generally as much as the cost of a used keg and so most people opt to purchase disconnects instead. The only straighforward interchageability is Cornelius to Cornelius.

Here is a listing of the kegs by manufacturer and the threads associated with those kegs:

Firestone V Challenger, Firestone VI Challenger, Firestone Super Challenger
Gas 9/16"-18
Liquid 5/8" -18

Cornelius Spartan & Super Champion
Gas 19/32" - 18
Liquid 19/32" - 18

Cornelius R (pin lock)
Gas 19/32" - 18 (2-pin)
Liquid 19/32" - 18 (3-pin)

John Wood 85, Firestone Challenger
Gas 11/16" - 18
Liquid 3/4" - 18

Firestone A, Firestone R, John Wood RA, John Wood RC (pin lock)
Gas 9/16" - 18 (2-pin)
Liquid 9/16" - 18 (3-pin)