Utah Series of Beers - the goal to be 4.5% or less (except as noted).

Mild/Porter (Cold Steeped Grains) Split Boil

This recipe was going to be a split batch of Mild that would have Cold Steeped grains added to it to become a Porter. With threatening rain one extra 4lb sack of MO was incorporated. It made for an interesting day with an extra thick mash and some great brews, a 5 gallon batch of Mild, a 3 gallon batch and a 5.5 gallon batch of Porter.

Partigyle total grist
12 lb Marris Otter (screwed up and actually grabbed 16 lbs)
1 lb 4 oz Brown Malt
1 lb 4 oz 75L British Crystal
6 oz Special B

Mash temp 153F
Mashout 168F

Mild 3 gallon
1.040, 1.018 – Edme dry yeast
Mild 5 gallon
1.038, 1.018 – 1318 London Ale III
1 oz Kent Goldings 5.5%AA, 60 min

Porter 5.5 gallons
1.044, 1.018 – Whitbread dry yeast
Cold Steep Overnight and add liquid late in boil
1 lb Chocolate
4 oz Black Malt (Briess)
4 oz Roasted Barley

1 ¼ oz Kent Goldings 5%AA, 60 min
½ oz Kent Goldings 5%AA, 10 min
½ oz Kent Goldings 5%AA, aroma

Tasting Notes:
The Edme yeast mild was more fruity than the 1318 which was more malty. The Porter was took some time to age despite the low gravity. In time it was very smooth, but soon after fermentation it was a little rough in nature.

Ordinary Bitter

Ordinary Bitter – 5 gallons

3 lb British Pale (unknown malster)
2 lb Optic
1 lb Dark Munich
5 ½ oz 120 L Crystal

Mash temp 152F
Mashout 168F

1 oz Kent Goldings 5%AA 55 min
½ oz Kent Goldings 5%AA 10 min

Wyeast 1028 – 1.038 OG, FG 1.011

Tasting Notes:
This Ordinary Bitter was a great beer. The Dark Munich added a layer of complexity that has become a new favorite in Bitters.

Red Mild

Red Mild - 11 gallons

6.5 lb Marris Otter
1.5 lb 75L British Crystal
0.5 lb Chocolate Malt
1.5 oz Torrified Wheat
6.5 oz Flaked Barley

Mash 152F
Mashout 168F

2.25 lb Cane Sugar added to boil

2 oz Kent Goldings (5%AA, 60 min)
0.5 oz Kent Goldings (5%AA, 15 min)

Wyeast 1318 - OG 1.035, FG 1.008

Tasting Notes:
A great mild. A keg of this one went to club night at the AHA NHC but unfortunately did not get tapped till late in the evening so much of it came back home. Lucky!

Ordinary Bitter II

4 lb Marris Otter
1.5 lb Dark Munich
5 oz 75L British Crystal

Mash 153F
Mashout 168F

1 oz Kent Goldings (6%AA, 60 min)
0.5 oz Kent Goldings (aroma)

Wyeast 1028 - OG 1.033, FG 1.011, IBU 23

Tasting Notes:
This was one tasty Ordinary Bitter. The Dark Munich really makes for a nice touch. Drained the keg in record time.

No Sparge Special Bitter (oops ESB)

No Sparge ESB - 11 gallons

This was a no-sparge recipe brewed with a friend and we used information found on the web for formulating the recipe. Unfortunately the information was pretty bad. It suggested that our efficiency was going to be awful when in reality we ended up with 64% just by adding all the water and draining the tun. We could not fit all the mash and water into the tun so we divided it and mixed half in a keg and half in the tun and added mash to the tun till it all fit never stopping the flow.

17 lb Marris Otter
6.5 lb Dark Munich
0.75 lb 40L Crystal
1 oz Carafa 2

Mash 153F
Mashout 168F

2 oz Kent Goldings (6.2%AA, 60 min)
1 oz Kent Goldings (6.2%AA, 15 min)
1 oz Kent Goldings (6.1%AA,15 min)
1 oz Kent Goldings (aroma)

Wyeast 1469 - OG 1.054 (was supposed to be 1.045), FG 1.012, IBU 31

Tasting Notes:
A great ESB after all was said and done. Our preboil SG was 1.044 and so we did not boil long for this beer. Once again the Dark Munich stole the show and the West Yorkshire yeast is a true top cropper and stayed on top of the wort till the beer went into the secondary.

Berliner Weiss

Berliner Weiss - no sparge - 6 gallons

I didn't feel like purchasing the bugs on this one, so I added yogurt and allowed that to sour the unfermented wort. After two days the lactic nature was very, very subtle. That tartness increased after fermentation and became quite nice. No FG was taken on this beer.

3 lb MFB Pale Malt
5 lb Wheat Malt

Add 1 oz Hallertauer (3.2%AA) to mash

122F 20 min
144F 10 min
147F 20 min
162F 20 min
168F 10 min

Boil for 5 minutes and then cool to 130F. Add 2 lb All Natural Nonfat Yogurt and allow to innoculate for 2 days. Cool to 65F and pitch K97 yeast.

OG 1.035, SG at kegging 1.010

Tasting Notes:
A pretty nice Berliner, but nowhere near as agressively sour and tart as the commercial examples. This one drank very smooth and was a good trial for yogurt in wort.


Gotlandsdrika - 11 gallon split batch

This is a style from the an island off the coast of Sweden. It is difficult to find an accurate recipe since it is not commercially brewed so this version is a variation of several versions. The beer is generally smoked malt, honey and juniper. A recipe is in the book The Homebrewer's Garden and also in the book Sacred Herbs and Healing Beers. The following links have quite a bit of information as well:
http://www.beerhunter.com/documents/19133-000794.html http://www.skotrat.com/skotrat/recipes/special/smoked/recipes/8.html http://www.hogtownbrewers.org/news/2003feb/sweed.html http://www.shbf.se/Hembryggning/old_recept/8d1.html http://www.fuglebjerggaard.dk/Per/nordic%20beer/brewers.htm http://www.beerhunter.com/documents/19133-000796.html

Preboil all water with two 8" Juniper tip branches with berries, after boiling allow to steep covered for 3 hours. (Couldn't see wasting the gas boiling this for an hour, so put the tips in water and brought them up to temp and then let it boil for 5 min, covered, turned off the burner and steeped.)

4.75 lb. Smoked Malt (2.75lb old inventory ~2002, 2lb new inventory)
4 lb. Munich
3 lb. Dark Munich
1 lb. Wheat malt
1 lb. Flaked rye
1 lb. CaraMunich
2 oz. British crystal 70-80L

Mash at 154F 75 min
Mashout 168F 10 min

1 oz Perle 7.7%AA - 60 min

2lb 2oz Honey mixed with some hot wort and stirred in after burner was turned off and just before chilling

Nottingham Dry Yeast
6 gallons - OG 1.051, FG 1.014, IBU 13 (this batch is for the Charlotte Oktoberfest)
5 gallons at 1.051 with 1 gallon of water added - OG of 1.043, FG 1.010

Tasting Notes:
An interesting beer for sure. The smoke is restrained and the juniper is as well adding a lemony citrus aspect to the brew. The wheat and rye are very nice and all together it is a very easy to consume and tasty beer. A bit piney, resinous and woodsy to boot.

Sticke Alt and Altbier

Sticke Alt and Altbier - 10 gallon batch

The Sticke is for the club Oktoberfest and the Altbier is for drinking at home.

9lb MFB Pale Malt
3.5 lb Munich
3.5 lb Dark Munich
3 lb CaraMunich
1 oz Black Barley

122F 30 min
147F 15 min
156F 15 min
168F 10 min

1 oz Perle (7.7%AA, 60 min)
4 oz Mt. Hood leaf (5.1%AA, 60 min)
1 oz Perle (7.7%AA, 15 min)
1 oz Spalt (aroma)
1 oz Spalt (dry hop Sticke portion of batch)

US56/US05 at 60F
6 gallons - OG 1.016, FG 1.015, IBU 51
4 gallons + 2 gallons of water - OG 1.042, FG 1.010, IBU ~40

Tasting Notes:
A fantastic Altbier and Sticke. The Munich and CaraMunich work well together and the cool ferment with the US05 yeast was perfect.

Tiny Saison

Tiny Saison - 6 gallons

This batch was fermented in the house covered in a wet towel. The temp rose to 72F but not above and the yeast was T58. I had planned to mash they way they do DuPont by striking at 113F and ramping up at 0.5F/min till mashout. Turns out my burner does not have a low enough heat input on this size batch and it was running 1.0F/min so about 120F I scrapped the idea and cooled back to 113F and mashed as below.

5.5 lb. Belgian pale
2 lb. Wheat malt

113F 30 min
131F 15 min
144F 30 min
154F 15 min
168F 10 min

0.5 lb. Cane sugar (added to boil)

1 oz. Kent Goldings (6.1% AA, 60 min.)
1 oz. Styrian Goldings (4.3% AA, 15 min.)
1 oz. Kent Goldings (aroma)

Black Peppercorns - 10 corns
Star Anise - 0.015 oz
Cinnamon chunk - 0.01 oz
Orange Peel - 0.1 oz ea (bitter and same amount of sweet)
Grind all in spice grinder, add just before flameout

T-58 72F - OG 1.044, FG 1.008, IBU 28

Tasting Notes:
Really strong in the spice department after kegging. This became a fantastic beer and is one that may become my new house ale.

Belgian Pale Ales

American Belgian Pale Ale / English Belgian Pale Ale - 12 gallons total (6 gallons of each beer)

The grist for the batches was the same, but the wort was split into two boil kettles and the hops were varied for each batch as indicated below. Like the Saison, these batches were fermented in the house covered in a wet towel. The temp rose to 72F but not above, the yeast was T58 slurry from the Saison.

12 lb. MFB pale
1 lb. Dark Munich
1 lb. Belgian CaraMunich
2 lb. British crystal 75L

151F 60 min
168F 10 min

American version
0.35 oz. Magnum (14.4% AA, 60 min.)
1 oz. Cascade (6.6% AA, 10 min.)

English version
1 oz. Kent Goldings (6.1% AA, 60 min.)
1 oz. Styrian Goldings (4.3% AA, 10 min.)

T-58 72F - OG 1.045, FG 1.008, IBU 25

Tasting Notes:
Really nice BPAs. Both versions are quite tasty. The American is my favorite, but others really like the English. The English variation seems truer to older versions, while the American is in line with some of the newer beers coming from Belgium.


Munich Dukel with Rogue PacMan yeast - 6 gallons

This is a Munich Dukel grist fermented with Rogue PacMan yeast at 58F.

3 lb. German Munich
4 lb. Dark Munich
0.75 lb. British crystal 75L

122F 30 min
153F 60 min
168F 10 min

0.5 oz. Perle (7.7% AA, 60 min.)
0.5 oz. Saaz (3.6% AA, 60 min.)

PacMan yeast slurry 58F - OG 1.041, FG 1.010, IBU 19

Tasting Notes:
This beer was strong in diacetyl when it first came out of the fermenter and was not that great. After some time lagering the diacetyl dissapeared and it became a nice Dunkel to be fermented with ale yeast. Not as clean as a true lager, but a pretty decent brew.