Malt Mill and Large Hopper



Soon after I purchased my malt mill I grew tired of grinding the grain by hand.I searched for a guide for motorizing my mill and didnít really find what I was after.I wrote and article which is a pretty good guide for anyone looking to motorize a mill.


Here is the article in either HTML format or in PDF format.


Not long after I wrote the article, I found that the hopper that came with the mill was too small and emptied too quickly on the newly motorized mill.I looked around at what was available and made a hopper holder from a piece of plywood and some old deck styles, and a hopper from a plastic carboy and some more old deck styles.


I cut the bottom off the carboy with metal snips, and of course cut the wood with a saw.I drilled into the sides of the carboy and secured it to the wooded supports using screws.I used a hole saw and cut a hole in the plywood for the carboy neck.


Here is a picture of the motorized mill and the large hopper.



Here is a picture of the plastic carboy.



Here is the support on top of the original hopper and mill.



Here is a picture of the hopper support and the hopper off the mill.



The nails in the plywood are to index the hopper support to the original hopper so that the hopper does not accidentally move into the driven sheave of the motorized mill.


to the driven sheave.

e nails in the plywood are to index the support to te