Propane Burner Modification for Converted Sanke Kegs


Many Homebrewers use propane burners, and they find once they move to a converted Sanke keg that the burner is not large enough to fit the outside diameter of the keg.  I ran into that problem and have a pretty simple solution that worked for me.


The burner I needed to modify had three legs, and the bottom curve of the keg would sit on the middle of the burner, but the outside was beyond the legs. 


To do this, I marked where the outer rim hit the legs, and I used the slotted angle iron that is normally found at home improvement stores for the installation of garage door openers. I cut three pieces using a drill mounted grinding and cutoff wheel and rounded the edges.  I then placed the angle pieces on the legs by drilling some holes in the proper locations and bolting the angle to the leg.  The keg is now supported in the middle by the burner and at the outer rim by the pieces of slotted angle.


Here is a picture of the burner from the top.



And here is a close up of the slotted angle bolted to the leg.




I have been using this setup for many years with no problems whatsoever.