Great Taste of the Midwest 2003 – A Baker’s Dozen

(Updated 9-6-03)


News Flash – North Carolina Homebrewers Flocked to Great Taste of the Midwest!



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Great Taste

Memorial Union





Ground Transportation

Badger Cab

Madison Taxi

Union Cab

Metro Transit



Breweries and Brewpubs:

Lake Louie, Arena

New Glarus, New Glarus

Great Dane, Madison

Angelic, Madison

Capital Brewery, Madison

Tyranena Brewing Co., Lake Mills

Grumpy Troll Brewpub, Mt. Horeb
J.T. Whitney's Pub & Brewery,


The Essen Haus, Madison

Come Back In, Madison


Retail and Farmer’s Market:

Steve’s Wine Market, Madison

(The location on Mineral Point Road is supposed to the best beer store in Madison)
Capital Farmer’s Market,



House of Wisconsin, Madison

Cedar Grove Cheese, Plain



Youngblood Brass Band

(turn on the speakers and get ready to roll)



Quick glance at Tours and Times:

Thursday, August 7th

11:00 am – Cedar Grove Cheese

12:30 pm – Lake Louie

3:00 pm – Tyranena

6:00 pm  - Great Dane

9:30 pm – Angelic Brewing

Friday, August 8th

11:00 am - New Glarus

1:00 pm - Grumpy Troll

3:30 pm - Capital Brewery

5:00 pm Steve’s Wine Market

6:00 pm – Social

8:30 pm – Essen Haus and Come Back In

10:00 pm – Memorial Terrace

Saturday, August 9th

10 am – Capital Farmer’s Market

1 pm - Great Taste

9:30 pm – Memorial Terrace

Sunday, August 10th

Noon – Savior’s Breakfast




Basic Itinerary:

Thursday, August 7
11:00 am

Tour of Cedar Grove Cheese, Plain, WI


12:30 pm

Tour of Lake Louie Brewing, Arena, WI


3:00 pm

       Tour of Tyranena Brewing Co, Lake Mills, WI

4:30-5:00 pm

    Drive back to Madison; Finish checking into Memorial Union &
Union South

6:00 pm

      Meet at Great Dane Pub for dinner

9:30 pm Angelic Brewing

Friday, August 8
10:00 am

       Depart for New Glarus, WI

11:00 am

       Tour of New Glarus Brewing Co.

12:30-1:00 pm

    Depart New Glarus Brewing for lunch at the Grumpy Troll Brewpub

2:30 pm

         Depart Grumpy Troll for Capital Brewing Co.

3:30 pm

         Tour of Capital Brewing Co.


5:00 pm

Steve’s Wine Market

6:00 pm

      Great Taste pre-festival party with local organizers and
traveling brewers, Olin-Turville Park, Madison


8:30 pm

Essen Haus and Come Back In


10:00 pm

Memorial Terrace and Rathskeller

Saturday, August 9

10:00 am

Capital Farmers Market



Depart for the festival.

1:00 pm

       Gates open to the festival.

6:00 pm

Festival ends

9:30 pm

Memorial Terrace (Youngblood Brass Band)

Sunday, August 10

Savior’s Breakfast

Memorial Terrace




Madison Area Map (not interactive):