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Welcome to my Rescue page! Rescue has been a big part of my life. I have 26+ years as a volunteer on one fire department and 4 rescue squads.

"972 - Our 2nd out vehicle"

"973 - Our 3rd out vehicle"

"981 - With Josh KE4YKG checking off the equipment"

"981 - Our New Crash Vehicle"

I served one the Orange County New Hope Fire Department as a charter member. I also was a member of the Orange County New Hope Rescue Squad. I helped with pulling some duty on the South Orange Rescue Squad when they needed some daytime help. When we merged our district with Orange County Rescue I served with them until I graduated from Pharmacy School. I then joined the Zebulon Area Rescue Squad, Inc. I have been with them since. I have served several terms as Assistant Chief, as Chief, and President of the Board of Directors. I still remain active with the administrative portion of the squad, but find it hard to pull duty with my work schedule.

We have progressed to a more medically intensive organization and to reflect this changed our name to Zebulon Rescue and EMS. We operate 3 ambulances and a crash truck for our district. We presently operate at the Paramedic Level of Care. This provides our citizens with the highest level of care available in North Carolina. Patient care is our highest priority, but we still provide Rescue Level service. It is becoming a rarer service as most squads have turned this service over to local fire departments. Advancement to the Paramedic level of care has taken many years of training and planning. Although I was not able to see completion of my training to the Paramedic level I am very proud of the members and Squad for their advancement. We now operate with a annual budget of over $230,000.00 a year. Not bad for a volunteer organization. It is hard to earn enough money to operate but we do it every year. We are only guaranteed less than 1/3 of our budget by the County. The rest we earn thru a membership program, fund raisers, and donations.

We have out grown our present location and are looking for a means to relocate to larger quarters. Hopefully we will be able to accomplish this in the future.

We hold an annual BBQ Dinner yearly. Its hard work to cook the pigs and chickens, as well as make the slaw and potatoes. Here are a few picture of our last dinner.

My contribution to the serving line (Right Side)

The "Quiet Time in the Dinning Room"

The serving line ready for the "Rush!!!"

EMS is a very rewarding career option for a young person. If you feel you would like to serve your community, contact your local Rescue or EMS service to see how you can help.

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