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Welcome to my Motorcycle page! My current motorcycle is a 2001 Kawasaki 1500 Nomad FI. I purchased it from Brewers Cycles in Henderson, NC on May 15, 2001. It is my 3rd motorcycle. As my expeience riding increases I felt a need for a cycle that would be better suited for the open road. The Kawasaki Nomad fills that need. I have started the customization of my bike. I am working with to develope a trunk system for the Nomad. Other custom parts are on the drawing board. I will post them as they are ready for marketing.

My previous bike is now ready for adoption. You can see it at my FOR SALE page at My Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic was purchased at CycleMax of Wilson North Carolina. It is a 1999 model Gray and Black in color. This is my second bike in 30 years. My 1st was a Honda CB-175. Boy this is a drastic improvement. I purchased it on June 16 1999. Two good friends Dave "Tweek" and Debbie "LoRidr" Hockaday showed me that I both could handle and afford the Vulcan.

My son's bike is also ready for adoption. You can see it at his FOR SALE page at His Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic was purchased at Ron Ayres of Greenville North Carolina. It is a 1999 model Red and Black in color. This is his first bike. He had to have one after he got a ride on mine.

The Kawasaki Nomad FI is a fuel injected V-cylinder 90.0 (1470 cc) engine SOHC 2 cylinder 4-stroke water cooled bike. The Nomad develops 10 hp more than the 800 but has 85 foot pounds of torque at 2500 rpms. It is a beautiful machine that I fell for when I saw it he 1st time.

Well I now have 5000 miles on the bike since June ... Boy has it been fun!!! I added a few items to it with the $500.00 Kawasaki voucher. Most are for safety or protection from the elements. The first was the Kawasaki short passenger back rest. Makes it much safer riding for Martha. The second item added was the F&S light bars that really improves my presence. I also ordered the saddlbag top rails they are to protact the bike from having damage to the bags. I plan to add some fold down highway pegs to the highway bar for those long rides. I added a vista cruise throttle lock to allow the throttle hand to relax on those long rides. My most recent purchase was the Mustang Wide Nostalgic seat. I will be adding the Scootwork's brake pedal.

Until I get some photos of the Nomad .. here are the photos of my 800 Classic. I will add new photos soon of the Nomad. A Great machine!!!

Here are some of the first photos of the "Bike" ... only a few add-ons - the wind shield and wind shield bag. Here we see the stock exhaust system before I added the DG HardKrome pipes. We later modified them by removing the baffles for use on Tommy's bike. The modification was simple and really makes for a deep mellow sounding exhaust.

For a larger view click on any of the 4 photos above.

For more information on the Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic and all the other wonderful bikes from Kawasaki go to their home page at: Kawasaki Motor Company

Visit our Vulcan Classic modification page at: Pusher Modification Page

Always ride safe and watch out for the other guy!!!

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