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Hello and Welcome to our new shop. Tommy's training at AMI - American Motorcycle Institute will begin his career in the Motor Cycle Industry here. We wanted to have a dedicated location for working on and housing our motor cycles and not take away the use of the garage as intended. Well planning of the shop was undertaken in a slow and deliberate way.

The planning began with the decision of "How large is small enough ... but how small will be large enough?" We 1st looked at a single story, 2 door, 20 by 32 foot - building kit. We finally ended up choosing a custom planned, 16 by 32 foot, 2 story building with plans to add a 10 by 16 foot single story addition in the back and an 14' shed on the South side, and 8' shed on the North side of the building.

The biggest factor was to build the building with enough space to house space to work on 4 bikes at one time, plus the space to have bench space to tear down 2 engines and transmissions at the same time. We also wanted to have a separate area to house a parts washer, air compressor, drill press, and bead cabinet. An addition of a drain in the front of the shop will allow us to wash the bikes inside in the winter and not have to break off ice when finishing. Man that will be a great help.

We also plan to add an I-beam to run a chain hoist and trolley over head for lifting heavy objects. This will help in moving heavy engines to the work bench. Very important when working alone and having to work safely.

We also will use the second floor as an area to have R&D and QA work done. This will allow work to be done away from the down and dirty areas. It also will provide a location to just kick back and take a break.

Well enough on the purpose and theory of the building and its plans. We will now provide a pictorial of the construction phase. And without any further-a-do here we go ....

The first decision after deciding on the size was the location. I chose the area between the pump house and the house. I provided ample open areas and access to water, sewer, and electricity. We had the foundation dug to provide for an 18" deep and 18" deep foundation. The slab was then poured at the same time causing a monolithic foundation of 2500 pound test concrete with fiber re-enforcement inside. The foundation also has 2 runs of 1/2" rebar that encircle the foundation. I had a layer of gravel placed under the slab, covered with 6 mill plastic as a vapor barrier. The concrete was poured and finished in short order and left for 30 days before adding the concrete block wall.


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Notice the tent over the concrete. This was put in place to keep the concrete from getting rained on as the Rain Gods were looking down on us that day.

This is the view from the house notice the well house on the other side. The tent worked very well to protect the cement slab. The concrete base is 16 by 32 feet and the footers are 18" deep and 18" wide. I choose the fiber re-enforced concrete to keep from having to add concrete wire. I also ran 2 runs of 1/2" rebar around the outside of the slab.

From this view we can see the job supervisor "Bo" standing inside the fence on the left side of the tent. Notice the 4" PVC pipe that rises out of the concrete. They are designed to bring in the water, electricity and sewer services for the building. They will be trimmed down to floor level after the block wall is installed.

Well the tent has been replaced with 3 rows of concrete blocks. The blocks will provide a 2 foot high base for the 8 foot walls. This will give me a 10 foot ceiling. I plan to install a 9 by 10 foot garage door and the 10 foot ceiling will be a requirement. I plan to install an I-beam across the shop to allow for a chain hoist to be installed in the shop. Notice the 2 smaller door openings on the North and South walls. They will house the 2 - 32" walk in doors.

This is the view from the rear of the shop on the West wall where the wet room will be built. This room will house the parts washer, beading cabinet, air compressor, drill press and washer. It will be a concrete and cinder block room to separate the shop from the clean up area. Notice the opening in the front of the building for the 10 foot door.

Well we finally stand some lumber on the block walls. With the help of my brother-in-law we are able to start the 1st floor. We had planned to work on the Thanksgiving and the weekend after it since I was scheduled to be off. As it happened my partner at work had Thanksgiving off and wanted to make it a long weekend so I switched with him. This would mean that I could not help. As it happens they built the walls and I helped set the walls when I got off work. Tommy had been off for the holiday and flew in from school at Daytona Beach for the weekend and helped in my absence.

Well now we see the South and West walls standing. The lighting leaves allot to be desired but the sun light ran out before the walls were finished. I wanted to get some photos before the other walls are up. You can see the framing in the rear of the building where the access to the wet room will be. We are going to add that after we get the shop completed.

Man-O-Man what a few hours will do. While I was at work Tommy and Craig got the remaining 2 walls and the ceiling joist up. With rain forecast for Saturday I ask them to set the plywood on the top and cover it with plastic. Note the cross bracing in the center of the building. When the 2nd floor is nailed down they will be removed. The shop is finally taking shape. To the right and rear of the shop a set of stairs will be built on Saturday when it is raining.

Again see the area where the steps and rear walk thru will be built.

From this view we can see the ceiling joist. They are made from plywood and laminated wood. From data and video reports that I have seen on the joist they will carry 2.5 times the weight than the same length solid wood joist of the same size and are much lighter. It is also a better shot of the framed opening to the room to the rear of the building.

Wow the stairs are now in. And Craig was able to get them in with less wasted space than I had planned. The side doors are now in and the cross bracing has been removed. Well the shop continues to grow toward completion.

The stairs seem to be climbing to space. They are unfinished now but we will try to finish them out later.

Well Sunday morning arrives and we get ready to install the 2nd flooring. Tommy and his Grandfather (my Dad) stand in the front door. Tommy wanted to have him in the pictorial of the construction. The amount of work that was completed this weekend could not have been done without the help of Tommy, Dad, and my brother David.

Tommy, Craig and David inspect the flooring after we finish putting it down on Sunday morning before I have to go to work. Notice the area to the rear where the stairs will come up to the 2nd floor.

David talks to Craig as he works on the panel over the stair way.

Tommy standing at the far end of the 2nd floor room. He has just decided that he might like to have a window there to do some deer hunting from the warmth of the room ... HeeHee. He had no idea that it would be so high off the ground.

Well here is the building with the house wrap on the walls. I insulated the cinder block wall with styrofoam packing and the walls will have 6 inches of fiberglass insulation. Then with the house wrap we should be able to heat with very little cost. Well as you can see the wrap was not a bit too soon. "Snow!!!" - man it seems that all my construction projects have to get snowed on at least once. This will be the 2nd snow ... the 1st on the concrete and blocks ... the 2nd on the completed 1st story.

The garage door was installed with the help of Dad. George Strickland, Dad's neighbor, came over and helped finish the installation - tightening the spring and making the final adjustments. Looks pretty good and the door is made of metal and insulated to complete the job of weatherizing.

Well Dec 9th finally arrives and with the help of a group of good friends we now have walls on the 2nd floor. Plans are to have a top on it Sunday afternoon. Well today along with Craig, Dad, David, Myself, Chris Medico, Jay Netterville, and Ben Netterville we accomplished a lot of work in short order. As you can see the building is growing larger and larger.

We built the walls and as you can see there will be a lot of room upstairs. We installed 2 vinyl 28"x54" windows in the front wall to allow some light in and to check out what is happening in front of the building. The walls have a 13"swing to the inside of the room interior to add some shape to the building without a lot of loss of floor space.

And as you look over the wall you can see that the main house is almost not visible ... boy I dread putting on the roof!!! HeeHee. Well until later ....

Sunday proved to be a very cold and damp day. I was glad that we got our tarp on the building saturday night. With very little heat from below we stayed very warm. Here we see Craig building one of the 23 ceiling trusses. Below we have begun to set the trusses. Note the blue tarp for the cover to the building.

This shot allows you to see the blue tarp over the upper story.

Blue tarp and the trusses continue to migrate toward the rear of the building. And as the stack of lumber shrinks.

Well I have been busy on the construction phase of the building. Unfortunately I have not been as busy taking pictures. Well to fill you in on what has been going on since the trusses were put in place.

Plywood was added to the trusses in preparation for the metal roof. After the plywood was put in place Tommy and I covered the roof with roofing felt. I always use the 20# felt. Just a little more money but much thicker. We then added 4 runs of 1"x4" treated slats. These will hold the paper in place and allow for air circulation to help cool the buildings roof. I have ordered gray metal to cover the roof. It will be screwed in place with 2.5" screws with weather seals. This should make a solid top in high wind situtations.

The metal arrived and we put that in place, which was no easy task as you can see by the roof angles. Only one casualtity ... a 12 volt drill made a fast exit to the ground. Damage was really light and no one on the ground was hurt. The roof is really beginning to look good.

I added a roof over the door way and installed an insulated metal garage door with electric door operator. Hummmm ... now just need power.

Power is being supplied by 3 100' extension cords. It is ok for now but I will have to look into getting permanent power on the building.

Tommy and I added the soon to be bath room up stairs and started the sheetrock work. We are thinking about full power so we now must decide how to get an electrical inspection. To get ready for that I have started the wiring of the building.

We plan to add lean-to's to both the North and South side of the building. We poured 4 cement piers and a concrete slab in front of the building. Man it looks good. We add a plate to the North side of the building and attach the roof beams. Metal roofing is ordered and installed to match that on the existing roof. The building is looking more and more like a barn. We plan to pour a cement slab this spring and make a better storage area.

Vinyl siding is attached to the building to blend in with the main house. It really is simple to install and goes on so fast. I like the NO PAINING!!

Well the next step is to remove the trees on the South side of the building and get ready for the 14' lean-to on that side. I will make sure that we take more photos as the remainder of the construction progresses. I was really surprised to see the number of people that are following my shop construction. I appreciate all the notes and promise to add more and better photos to let everyone see just how we do our construction.

I will post photos in a few days ... Thanks!!!


We look forward to the completion of the construction. More pages will be added on a regular basis to up date on the shop's progress. ----- Return often to keep up with the Motor Cycle Shop Construction !! -----

Well as much as I hate it ... I have to say "Good Bye for now." ... but keep coming back ... I promise to keep updating this site ...

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