STEVE'S Hardline and Connectors Page

Welcome to "My Tower Supplies Page ...

Thank you for your Interest ...

I am currently over stocked on hardline and Connectors

that I was installing on my tower ...

PLEASE send requests and I will try to let you know

if what I have will meet your needs. I have just about

finished my tower and need to clear out the yard!!!

For those who saw me at Dayton know why!!!

Hardline Info ...

[bullet] Hardline prices are based on length it varies from $1.50 per foot to $2.50 per foot. I have 7/8", 1 1/4" and 1 5/8" hardline. Lengths vary ... from 50' up to 470+ feet and some are new on the spools and other have been removed from service. I can UPS most short runs since the 1 5/8" weighs around 1 lb per foot.

Hardline Connector Info

1 5/8" Connectors

EMAIL me at if you find anything you want.
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