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Welcome to my tower page! The tower was purchased on sealed bid from the State of North Carolina as surplus materials. The tower is a 145 foot four legged self-supported tower. It has a 12 foot square foot print and is 24 inch square at the top. The tower weighs approximately 5000 pounds, and is resting on four 2-foot columns of concrete 10-foot tall. Each column rests in a 4x4x5 foot pad of concrete at the column base. A total of 28 cubic yards of concrete went into the project.

The tower was formerly located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina at the North Carolina Highway Patrol station on US 301 North. The State had replaced the tower with several other communication sites and offered the tower on State Surplus. The tower was in good condition with only a little surface rust in several areas, Mainly on the climbing pegs. The tower had been painted in alternating red and white, which is now in need of repainting.

The tower was removed from the site with the assistance of a crane, and transported to my residence on 2 transfer trucks and a large trailer that I own. Due to the wet weather and an inattentive crane operator (the crane got stuck) we had to wait several months to get the tower erected. Several good friends assisted in the project. Dave Hockaday (WB4IUY) and Josh Bunn (KE4YKG) did most of the climbing, both in the taking down and erecting of the tower. Robert Woodlief(KD4ZHZ) helped in moving the tower in to position at the house and in setting the base of the tower getting ready for the crane. Others who helped were my son Tommy (KE4NGH) who helped with the footings, Jay Netterville (KQ4MS), Joe Motola (N8RQR), W G Davis (KB4ZMB) and Dave Cooley (N5XMT) helped me with the construction of the hardline ladder and then installation of the ladder and hardline.

Visit my Tower Equipment page to see the changes that I made to the tower since it found a new home in Zebulon. Tower Equipment page

The tower is far from complete, and still under going changes as time permits. My long term plans are to install two additional Diamond dual band antennas, two locally made dual band antennas, a 10 meter vertical and 4 HF Dipoles.

Having worked in EMS as well a Pharmacy I was very concerned about safety on the tower. I am not relaxed at heights so I made my own version of safety accent/decent cable and attached it to the tower's climbing pegs. I also had a platform with guard rails made that sits at the top of the tower. The platform is octagonal in shape and 5 feet wide. Both were made by a good friend who runs a metal shop, Mike Mihalov of Metal Designs in Spring Hope, NC.

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