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Welcome to the Five County Repeater Network Page... The "Five County Repeater Network's" repeaters and links are located in Zebulon, NC. We have been given permission from the Town of Zebulon to mount our antennas on their oldest water tank.

The tank provides us with a platform at 115' from which we mounted 38' of Rohn 25G topped with a special "top hat" manufactured for us by Mike Mihalov, of Metal Magic of Spring Hope, NC. The top hat has room for 3 antennas mounted on swing out arms. This allows us to service the antennas close to the tower but move them out and away from each other to reduce interaction between radios. The top hat is made out of stainless steel and thus maintenance free. A benefit when antennas are 150' off the ground. The antennas are connected thru 2 runs of 1 5/8" hardline and 2 runs of 1/2" hardline. The repeaters sit located in a 7.5' tall metal cabinet where a power supply keeps the three batteries charged. The former site remained on the air for 7 days on battery power alone after hurricane Fran hit the North Carolina. Not bad since it provided several members with the only phone service for several communities. During this time no emergency services were required, but would have been available thru the repeaters.

Future plans are to provide a 12 volt auto alternator hooked to an electric start 5 horse power lawn mover motor. It will monitor the batteries and charge them when batteries drop to a preset level during power outages. We plan to also have it start on a preset schedule and test itself and report back thru the repeater system. Plans will be available when the system has been debugged.

We have a 220 repeater the KD4WJD on 224.800 mHz, a 440 repeater the KD4WJD on 442.400 mHz, a 10 meter repeater the WB4IUY on 29.620 mHz, a 6 meter repeater the WB4IUY on 53.070 mHz, and a packet node on this site. We also have long term plans to place ATV cameras on all of the water tanks in Zebulon. This will allow us to provide public service benefits to the town in the event of a natural or man made accident or disaster.

"Five County Repeater Network" was established to provide the communities of Wendell and Zebulon with amateur radio equipment that would support and build interest in amateur radio. As a secondary benefit it would provide the local municipalities, Wake County, and the other surrounding counties a means of back-up communications, as well as a link for other repeater systems to pass traffic.

Hugh Cashion and I co-own the KD4WJD 224.800 repeater and the KD4WJD 442.400 repeaters. It also acts as the hub for the Triangle East Amateur Radio Associations other repeaters. TEARA's 149.390

repeater in Clayton, NC and 147.300 repeater in Wilson, NC

are linked full time thru the hub that "Five County" provides.

Click HERE To get information on TEARA's repeaters.

Click HERE To get information on "Five County Repeater Network's" repeaters construction projects.

I'm a full member in the ARRL and South Eastern Repeater Association (SERA). I also am a member of the Triangle East Amateur Radio Association (TEARA), Five County Repeater Network, Tucson Amateur Packer Radio Corp (TAPR), and the Triangle ATV Association.

My GPS fix is 35 48'21.3" N and 078 17' 42.2 W. I live 0.9 miles east of NC 96 and 0.3 miles south of SR 2347 (1 miles south of Zebulon). See you on the Air Waves!!!

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The GPS fix is 35 49'24" N and 078 18'47 W for the water tower in Zebulon.

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