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the various groups and such that feed my ears with some albums I recommend either as an introduction or fine example of their work

Progressive Rock

Progressive Rock began in the late '60s with ambitious groups eager to seek out the different and new directions that rock music could be taken, often by interspersing elements of both classical music and jazz. By the '70s, it had elevated to a point where you practically needed a degree in music to play in a band. It was through rebellion against these new requirements and advances by progressive groups like T.Rex that the next logical step could be taken.
Brain Salad Surgery

King Crimson

Larks' Tongues in Aspic

Robert Fripp



Frank Zappa
Joe's Garage


Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel (1980 - Facemelt)


David Bowie
Scary Monsters

Brian Eno
Nerve Net

Roxy Music
For Your Pleasure

Hard Core/Punk Rock/etc

Punk Rock really started in the late '60s with American groups like the Stooges and the MC5 from Detroit. Then the Ramones and the New York Dolls pushed the boundaries in New York. The Sex Pistols were the first "punk" group as such, exploding on the scene in 1976-77. At the same time, America was forming its own music from the same root elements with different directions. The scenes were and are totally different from LA to NY to DC to London and elsewhere. Once it caught on and people started acting like they thought they were supposed to act to be punk, it all got confused... leading us to the next step.

Note: Not all of these bands are really considered punk per se, but I've kept them separate from the rest because they're basically heavier than most of the rest and they pull their primary roots from punk/core.

Check out the House of Rising Punk! A listing of all the punk/wave bands you could ever want to check out!

Two Things At Once

Rollins Band


Sex Pistols
Kiss This (UK)

Hüsker Dü

New Day Rising

Bob Mould

Black Sheets of Rain


Copper Blue

Black Flag

Slip it In



Minor Threat

Complete Discography




Red Medicine

Rites of Spring



Thanks to the paths and structures built by their predecessors, these groups have been able to make a great deal of music possible to a much wider range of artists and audiences. Represented here are many groups which have made the current mainstream "alternative" movement possible. So what's next?

Swing the Heartache

Peter Murphy


Love & Rockets

Hot Trip to Heaven

Joy Division

Heart and Soul

the Cure
Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

the Glove
Blue Sunshine

the Banshees

Once Upon a Time

the Police

Message in a Box

Stewart Copeland



Ten Summoner's Tales

the Smiths
Meat is Murder

Pale Saints
Comforts of Madness

Cocteau Twins




Dead Can Dance
Into the Labyrinth

This Mortal Coil

the Final Cut

(Psalm 69)


J.G. Thirlwell


Clint Ruin


Second Edition



Children of God

World of Skin

Ten Songs from Another World

Jane's Addiction


Nine Inch Nails
the Downward Spiral


Suck on This

The The
Soul Mining

Talking Heads
Fear of Music


English Settlement

New Order
Substance 1987

They Might Be Giants

(Oingo) Boingo


Afghan Whigs

Jazz/New Age/Classical/Whatever

The elements which make progressive rock so amazing are primarily contained within these sources. Progressive classical composers like Reich and Glass took modern music to new levels. Talented players like Harold Budd and Kronos Quartet took formal music in new directions. Guitarists John McLaughlin and Pat Metheny made jazz a hell of a lot more interesting and exciting. Harry Connick, Jr. and Miles Davis brought personality to jazz in a new sense. And Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart made progressive composers like Holst, Berlioz, and Stravinsky possible.
Miles Davis
Live - Evil

John McLaughlin

Pat Metheny

Harry Connick, Jr.
Lofty's Roach Soufflet

Steve Reich
Different Trains

Philip Glass
Low Symphony

Kronos Quartet
Black Angels

Harold Budd
the Plateux of Mirror

the Goldberg Variations
Symphony no.7
W.A.Mozart Hector Berlioz
Symphony Fantastique
Edvard Grieg
Peer Gynt Suite
Gustav Holst
the Planets
Igor Stravinsky
Rite of Spring
Modest Mussorgsky
Night on Bald Mountain


This is not even close to a complete list. I listen to far more music than this on a regular basis. I'm a junkie. I am fairly selective about what I buy these days, but that's because the collection is out of control. I listen to nearly everything. Several things are excluded...Country Music being the most worthy of note. I don't care to hear songs about how your wife left you 'cos your dog's drunk and your mother's beating you with your favorite hat given to you by your sister...or is it your wife? It doesn't really matter since they're the same, and since she just left you 'cos your dog's drunk and your mother's beating you... or is it your sister? Oh... I almost forgot about the pickup truck. I think you see where I'm coming from. The same parallel lines as the Jeff Foxworthy thing... I also draw the line at cheese new age like Yanni and John Tesh. They should both be stripped naked, coated liberally with hot sauce and beef broth, and put in the same room as a group of rabid pit-bulls.

What's frightening is that I've even learned to appreciate some rap from a production standpoint. I really don't care what they say, but some of the music's got such drive to it that you have to wonder about the mind that put it together. Then there's Barry Manilow...just kidding.

Any of you who might happen to be into playing music or the paltry and pathetic sport of guitar worship might want to check out this little tidbit. The bass players among you might want to give this bit a gawk. Finally, you drum heads can check out this sweet piece of action.

Under Played and Under Represented

Some Music you can't go wrong with...well, maybe you can, but check it out anyway.

Sinead O'Connor: the Lion and the Cobra (Ensign/Chrysalis)
her debut...simply stunning. Far better than everything else she's done put together. From start to finish, this is a damned-near perfect album.

Big Star: #1 Record/Radio City (Stax/Ardent)
their first two albums on one CD. Well worth it. This early '70s group influenced R.E.M. and countless other great groups. Kind of a British Rock feel. Great early "alternative."

the Stooges: Funhouse (Elektra)
their second potent album... Not as famous as Raw Power, but still furious. The album that Rollins refers to as "the densest batch of jams" he's heard in his life. Iggy Pop is simply amazing.

Talk Talk: Spirit of Eden (Polydor)
A far cry from their early 80's stuff. This is almost new age meets alternative. This, along with the album
Laughing Stock, make a new type of music that you simply have to discover. Vibrant music w/great lyrics.

Nick Drake: Fruit Tree (Hannibal/Rykodisc)
Odd but brilliant folk music. "Folk music?" I said the same thing 'til I heard him. He's a genius and a great guitarist. The Box Set contains all the albums plus a bonus disc, so any album will do, too.

the Glee Club: Mine (4AD)
One of my favorite labels. A great debut album that no one heard. Intricate guitar and female vox...thoughtful and intelligent stuff. If you like the Smiths or Suzanne Vega, you should like them.

His Name is Alive: Livonia (4AD)
A very odd album. Dark and brooding at times. Such a great trip when you get into it. A one man band with female singers... Fripp & Eno-esque in many ways. Very satisfying art-progressive stuff.

Luka Bloom: the Acoustic Motorbike (Reprise)
Folksy guitar/singer. The title track makes the album. Some Irish type ballads on it that are ok, but all in all its a great album.

Paul Leary: the History of Dogs (Rough Trade)
Sadly out of print solo album by Butthole Surfer's guitarist, but worth the price (if you can find it) for the first song...the Birds are Dying. Really, really, really great song and a decent album.

Grant Hart: Intolerance (SST)
Ex-Hüsker Dü drummer/co-singer solo album. Worth the price for Anything. A great bass line and a really catchy song. Emotive. He's very under-rated...a great artist that should still be making records.

Van Der Graaf Generator: the Quiet Zone/the Pleasure Dome (Caroline)
Though the mighty FRIPP is on the album Pawn Hearts, this album is more satisfying en todo to me. Early 70's heavy weight progressive music...amazing!

the Record Labels I Respect

Consistent quality in their releases and classic groups and recordings. From gothic/esoteric releases like the first Bauhaus LP and all of Dead Can Dance's releases to the alterna-pop of the Breeders, Throwing Muses, Modern English, and Belly to the sheer sonic brilliance of the Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil, this is one label that totally makes the grade.

One of the first and most important indie companies that was formed to put out punk rock and hard core music. Greg Ginn and Chuck Dukowski of Black Flag were responsible for putting this bad boy together and for subsequently bringing to our ears the power of Soundgarden, Dinosaur Jr., and Hüsker Dü before they hit the big time. They also released great groups like the Minutemen, Gone, and Bad Brains. A true legend.

Formed to release the first single by the Teen Idles, this label has persevered over the past decade and a half to record and release some of the best records of the genre at prices that people can afford. Almost if not all of their CDs are less than $10.00 POST PAID from the company! And with a roster of greats that includes Fugazi, Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, Dag Nasty, and stuff from S.O.A. (the first Rollins group from his DC days) you really can't go wrong. This label epitomizes work ethic in my mind... they're the true spirit of an independent label. They deserve your respect.

The first all-CD label that eventually got around to tapes and vinyl...and did them right! They made waves by releasing the Zappa catalog, then made headlines releasing the Bowie and Elvis Costello back catalogs. They made the world notice when they put out Big Star's final, unreleased album. Their CDs sound great because they take the time to do them right. All of the Bowie stuff is VASTLY improved over the original RCA CD releases. They are now a full-fledged label that has released the incredible music of Morphine, Sugar, and now Bob Mould's new solo stuff. The Ryko partner-in-crime, Hannibal, has released all of Nick Drake's albums.

A ballsy label that took chances on re-releasing material by Primus, King Crimson, and Brian Eno. They made an impact on me when their Crimson and Eno releases sounded better than the imports coming over from England. When I heard the first Primus album (the live Suck on This,) I just about lost my toast. Great bands, great sounds. They're very cool people.

Links to online sound samples, additional info, and purchasing!
I've made arrangements with Music Boulevard to link my site to their database. Why? Well, they can provide a lot more information about the releases of many of the groups mentioned here. They also have sound samples of many of these artists.

If you wish, you can even buy from them on-line. I get many requests on where you can pick up some of these releases because chain stores may not carry them. If you can't find them or order them from your local indie shop, you can always try Music Boulevard. They have pretty reasonable shipping charges (as of 12 Jan, 1998 $1.00 covers as many as you care to order!) and a secure credit card connection. They even let you pay by check or money order if you're worried about on-line credit rip offs!