Random Shots

These are shots by several different people that I just happen to like. I'll probably end up posting quite a few shots up here later whenever I get around to scanning them in and such.
Kei Otaki took this pic in England while I was working on a short film. I'd borrowed a splicer from the Film Society and spent a few weeks assembling and cutting footage. I showed it after some feature we showed that term... everyone seemed to like it. Idiot that I am, I left it in the UK.
I took this shot while standing in front of my sink in my room at Lancaster University. Poster look familiar? Look up. I shot quite a few self-portraits at this time to burn up film so I could process the roll. Better than shooting the wall...
Kimmer took this shot one night while I was hanging out with her and some nurses from Johns Hopkins University. This is right after I joined the Crips... or is it the Bloods? I can't remember anymore.
This is one of the first self-taken shots I ever took. I got the idea from a girl named Autumn whom I barely knew. She was a friend of my then girlfriend who was pretty wild. I only met her three or four times, but I saw a picture she'd taken and given to Susan and thought it was one of the most amazing things ever. Too bad I never bothered to clean the stupid mirror.