and such....

Yeah... sounds really heavy, eh? This is just going to be a list of some people I play with and think are pretty nifty. It will get bigger, but just a few pictures for now 'cos I'm burned out on writing these things right now.

Here is the almighty TIM MICHAEL!!!!

You've got to check out his page...

These are a couple of pics of my good friend and co-conspirator in music...TIM! These were taken during the PostKISS sessions. He'd driven down from Baltimore to Raleigh, and then we went to Charlotte to see the mighty KISS rock out. Great show. That weekend we recorded several songs, most of which were Tim's. We also re-recorded something we'd done several weeks before while I visited him in Baltimore. We also worked on several songs I'd recorded or done sketches for earlier. Tim rearranged the one slightly so that it flowed a little bit better. All in all, it was a pretty productive weekend.

Tim and I have been friends for about five years now. Like me, he plays several instruments. He started off with the clarinet (haven't we all...) and drums while in middle school or whenever. He since picked up guitar. He's also a really decent bass player. His main skill, I think, is in writing and arranging...his lyrics are oft times humorous and biting and the music, though not difficult, is interesting.

Apart from writin' and 'cordin', we also worked together at our college radio station. We did a live improv comedy show with his old roomie Mike of the only comedy shows on the air in the US. Some of it was pretty decent. We also did guest shots on each other's music shows. We had a lot of fun and did more than a couple of good shows together. He's the man.

This is a picture of the always interesting Mike Taylor. Not only can he look suave and debonair (as demonstrated here,) he can also play a wicked bass. He can also sing purdy, too. He's a really big fan of the Police and Sting, so I don't need too say much more about how he plays. He can jump in there and follow anything you do or just kick out a catchy bass line and make you go "hey..."
Tim, Mike, and I played in a band called Black Gesso for a few months. We...sucked. No gigs. Mike didn't play bass yet, so he just sang. We've all since learned to play a bit better and have jammed in the past year. Some of it was really decent stuff.

I still need to get some pics of Joe Trojcak up here... I worked as the "Digital Sound Effects Editor" on his 1995 album No Excuses. I worked on two tracks and helped out at the release party. Really great guy. He's building a gorgeous new studio in Elizabethtown, PA which will be world class when it goes into operation later this year. 25 foot high ceilings! And I helped build the damn thing... Let me just say that I can't STAND fiberglass insulation.