No Love Lost

In April of 1995, Jeff Thompson ran into me and asked me if I knew of any drummers. I volunteered...knowing that I was getting myself into trouble.

See, Jeff, Keith and I were going to try the band thing out a year before that... Jeff and I ended up arguing for a good hour or two and got left behind by the people we were with 'cos they got sick of hearing us argue. Of course they also drove, but that's a different story. A short one. One that I'm not going to tell. Anyway, when Jeff asked, I just happened to be contemplating forming a band of my own. But I was into hearing Jeff out on this one. I guess he was willing to put up with me, too.

We all met one fine Spring evening (me late, of course) and had a sit down about ideas for the band. Jeff had a lot. He'd been plotting this for a while. We decided to give it a go and arranged to practice in about a week. Jeff had never heard Mike play bass and had only heard me on guitar. Neither Mike nor I had practiced in ages... I hadn't played my kit in nearly a year. But within an hour of playing, we were in it. Pure, raw, musical intensity. None of us knew what was coming next. We just heaped happy accident upon beautiful mistake and created something different. Stupidly we didn't record that one... we just didn't think.

We played together for about a year. We played a few shows, with our first gig after just two months together. We took it way too seriously, but had a lot of fun anyway. We broke up in May of 1996 due to a variety of reasons, but mainly due to the fact that I was miserable in Pennsylvania. We were all really stressed out from work, hectic schedules, and crappy social lives. It was time for a change. Unfortunately we never really recorded anything as well as we should have. We may rectify that soon, though... You never can tell.

Jeff Thompson

Generally a spooky guy. You definitely don't want to meet Jeff in a dark alley...or a lit alley. In fact, alleys are probably the last place you'd want to meet Jeff. He hangs out in alleys a lot: It's the only place he can practice guitar. He had an uncanny ability to pull a solo out of his ass and throw you on yours. Definitely a great guitar player...inventive, spirited, and driven. A cross between Jimmy Page and Robert Smith on guitar. It's a wild combo...

Mike Zeiders

An incredible bass player and writer. His bass lines drove our sound, no doubt about it. His playing is a cross between the trenchcoat/goth bands of England and the bass players on Dischord records...never a subscriber of the "felt, not heard" mentality, you always knew what Mike was playing. He'd pick up on a beat that I was tooling with and come up with some line out of god knows where...constantly. Amazing. But you don't want to meet him in a dark alley either.

What precious few good pictures we had of us together and playing are with Jeff... as yet, he's not sent me any of them (despite repeated requests...JERKY!!!) But I will get some better photos of us all up for your trivial concerns...