Friends Section Two

Pictures of even more strange people I call my friends...

His name is Dave (brother to Mag) Muellers. He plays in burning buildings and drives like a mad man, entertaining his guests with impromptu advice to the workers of Burger King. He should not be allowed around small children unless heavily armed...the kids, that is...
Another picture of Magwa (sister to Dave) Muellers. Here she is lacing up her Docs before kicking my ass or something. This is right before we went to Times Square, 12/31/95. It was kinda scary.
This is Mindy. You know her, you love her. Well, she's spoken for...married, that is. Though I've seen a few wedding pics, I've not yet been given copies to scan in... Hang in there, baby.
This, of course, is Michael W. Sams. Here he is on a mountain we climbed while in Colorado during our trip out west in '94. What a rush! After I took this shot we ran into Dan Fogelberg and had some granola with him. Then we put on some bell bottoms and listened to Denis Leary's album.
Mr. Sams again, this time with a saucy little vixen named Edyta Jakubowski. She lives in Cali now...
This is Bennett. John Bennett. He's a secret agent. This is the only known picture of him. He's killed greater men for less than this. He's also a stunt driver. He is known to drive far and wide to get silly long haired fools to see Robert Fripp on time (usually very early) without any thanks...or gas money.
This is a nifty chick named Joy. Strong, isn't she? This was taken when Sams and I bumped into her right after I returned from the UK.
This is the one and only JEFF THOMPSON. He's kind of scary...not the kind of guy you'd like to meet in a dark alley. Or a lit alley. Or in an alley at all. Jeff is strange. He also plays guitar and comes up with amazing solos quite often. But I like Jeff. He keeps me guessing. (about what? exactly!)
Say hullo to Mike! Just a bit different from Mike Sams in that he is nothing like him whatsoever...except he's fun to be around and to drink with on the town. Mike's a wicked bass player... one of my favs that I know personally. But Mike's a little strange...I mean, he's friends with me, for one...)
Oh no! It's Mitch! Hopefully he's going to contribute some of his writing to this site so you don't have to put up with what I have to offer alone. Mitch...well, he's Mitch. Like you can't tell from the picture alone!

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