Friends Section One

Pictures of some of the strange people I call my friends...

This is a true rarity. The only picture (to my knowledge) of Brad when he grew his hair long. Isn't he a cutie? He can be reached at... heh, just kidding.
The one, the only... KEITH HOBBA! Ladies and gentlemen, here he is performing his hit song, MUSICAL MASTURBATION! Good show... good show...
I've been thinking for years about compiling a book of pictures of people flipping me off. This is one of those high school pictures...I'm on top of a locker. Featured vertically top down are Annie Cypcar doing the deed while Jen Davenport looks on. I have no idea where either of these girls are now.
The aspiring capitalist pig himself, founder of the school of Leberism, presenting Matt Leber, everyone! In his pre-Cornell days. A very interesting fellow and probably one of the cooler people that I've met. He lives in Chicago now and is currently plotting to...actually I have no idea what he's doing 'cos he doesn't stay in touch.
This handsome guy is Sid. He was a casual acquaintance in high school. He photographed really well, though. I like this pic a lot.

A great picture that came from nowhere. Looks can be deceiving...this is totally innocent. These are my friends Mike (whom you already know) and Missy Radabaugh. Missy teaches dance now and is still a sweetie even though she doesn't write.

The guy in the background is Joe. He was murdered in York, PA on March 27, 1995. The police originally determined it to be a suicide despite the fact that there was no way he would have been able to do what was done to him, much less dispose of the weapon afterwards. It was never found at the scene. The police finally reopened the case, caught, and convicted the killer. A tragedy that should not have happened.

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