MY FRIENDS from the UK

Right now I'm going to introduce you to a bunch of people I went to school with while in England.

This is the gang... I lived in the same hall as these chaps for about six months. I am being partially obscured by the beer held by the hand of Richard, who was rather a large boy who lifted heavy objects and put them down again a lot. He also ate about six eggs a day and, for his birthday, downed over a pound of steak. Next to him is Dominic Power. He was a scary boy at times...extremely well read and quite off his rocker. He demolished a toilet in the community bathroom in a fit of anger once. I guess it's ok, though, 'cos it got blamed on a real freak down the hall that no one liked. In front of Dom is Keichiro Otaki. He was born in Japan, lived in Spain, the USA, and England for equal measures of time during his life, and went back to Japan upon graduation. He would play the most god-awful Japanese pop music at all hours of the day...the same song eight times some days! He was a great guy when you got a drink into him though. Rob is the most enthusiastic here, but normally he was very quiet and reserved. Well, except after one particular home-brew night in the hall when, at well after midnight, he opened his window and pointed his rather large guitar amp out and started to really rip out some mean stuff. Strange guy. Martin is the somber one on the end. He'd come up with some really devilish plans some evenings. He also had a tendency to tear up his knuckles during drunken bouts of violence... he was never boring.
Here is the gang in the main courtyard at Lancaster University. The silly guy up front in the Pavement shirt is the immortal Marc Moser from Seattle, Washington. He lived in the same section of our hall. He was a really cool guy. I think that he's working in Africa now. (insert Tarzan sound here...)

This is A.J. Oakley Castell... he was known only as Oakley to most of us. Rather a scary boy. Notice the resemblance to Richard above. Well, apart from the hair, that is. He and I worked together in the film society, He chose a portion of the films that were projected every term for quite a long time. He had great taste... a wonderful knowledge of film. But then he did fancy himself the next Orson Wells.

This terrificly lovely girl is Becky, who had one of the greatest Welsh accents I've ever heard. She was one of the nicest girls you could ever dream to meet. Too bad she had a boyfriend back home. She studied at George Washington University for a year, and though it was only about a hundred miles away from where I went to school, I never did see her again after leaving the UK.

Kind of related... Dominic from the gang above thought up a plan one night. We were going to go down to Bowland Bar, where we all lived above (and drank) and in which Becky worked, approach her at odd intervals during the evening and each hit on her while acting utterly embarassed. "Well, uh... Becky, you know, uh, well, I couldn't help it, but I, uh...I just had to come over here and tell you that, uh... well, you look really beautiful tonight. You do... I'm not just saying that, but...Well, um, I just wanted to ask you if, well.... uh, oh... oh, never mind. I'm sorry..." We never did it. But she hung out with us and witnessed one too many drunken escapades during home brew nights in our corridor.

These two lovely ladies are both from this side of the pond. Ariana on the left and Christy on the right. Ari went to GWU in DC, while Christy lived and attended school in Canada. This picture was taken on Christy's birthday. Soon after this was taken, We all took the party down to the bar and got shots of vodka. Actually, I just carried the stuff and watched them all get silly drunk. It was a great night.

More pictures of people I know...