MY LIFE...continued

The Narcissus Age!

I've been used as a model by several photographers over the years for school projects... They say I'm a cheap model. Some say I'm just cheap. Actually quite a few people say that, but...

I've given here where credit is due. I have a few more shots by Matt (he's done a few series of me) that I may add eventually. I also put up a few shots of me that were taken just for kicks. A few of them I took myself. I stole the idea from a shot taken by a girl named Autumn and have for the past few years assembled quite a few self-taken shots...probably the largest factor in the title of this page.

To get to the larger versions of these shots, just click on any of the shots or links. Enjoy!

Angie Pinizzotto/1995/Black & White

Matthew Eggsware/1996/Black & White

Matthew Eggsware/1996/Color

Assorted Shots
Keichiiro Otaki
Kim Wiesenfeld