Yes, well, I've done a few things in my life worth mentioning. Fortunately I have pictures. Want some milk and cookies?

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On the road...I can't recall where this was taken...

Ok... I was raised in the pathetic suburbia of Camp Hill, Pennsylvania and lived there until May of 1996. I now live in Raleigh, NC. I moved here on what many people may call a whim, but a whim that I waited on for two years.

I am a recent graduate of Gettysburg College with honors in Management and English. A lot of people can't see why I took my major (get to know might understand why,) but to me it seemed more practical than studying about the Societies of Lower Nambia or the Schizophrenic Tendencies of Manic Depressive Psychotics with Anorexia Nervosa/Incontinence/Prostentitis. I started my own business selling CDs and music equipment during my senior year of college and made a profit my first year out, so maybe I learned something.

I spent my junior year studying at the University of Lancaster in England. One of the smartest things I've ever done is to go and study overseas. I learned more about people and myself in seven months than I did in a decade of schooling in suburbia. I also got to travel a bit and meet some really cool people. I met a bunch of pricks, too, but you take the good with the bad. But if you've still got the opportunity to study abroad, do it. No questions about it. You aren't an American until you leave its borders...this is true.

I've been working since age 15 and have worked at a lot of places and done a lot of different things in these years. I worked fast food. I washed dishes. I made pizzas. I worked in a movie theatre and did everything from selling popcorn and tearing tickets to projecting the films. I've designed databases for the National Park Service. I've sewed carpets together. I've edited on really elaborate digital non-lin audio/video systems. I've installed telephone jacks under desks in offices. I've shot video all over the place, and I've humped sandbags as a grip on a martial arts filmed in...Harrisburg,PA? Apart from slopping pigs or running the country, I've done it all. I try to keep amused.

Currently I am in charge of the technical aspects of a distance learning program. I make sure video cameras work and video tapes get duplicated correctly and on time. I'm also responsible for finding ways to cut costs and to make sure things that we have to buy are bought as cheaply as possible. It's a thrill a minute, I assure you.

Ok, ok, big deal, you say. So what do I care? I dunno... just got on a roll. So here's some eye-candy from MY LIFE!
this is this

This is Dan Parris. He is a nifty guy. If you know him, you know you like him. If you knew him, you'd like him. He lives in Colorado now. He sang for the group Linus...too bad they broke up. He's also a great person. His family is quite cool as well. Did I mention he's nifty?

This is France Paris. It's a nifty place. This is a picture I took on a bridge in Paris when I was over there in 1993. They have a lot of bridges there. They also have a really big tower that I couldn't do justice with using my camera. I don't think Dan Parris or France Paris have met. I think France would think Dan a nifty fellow. I don't know how Dan would feel about France.

Keith Hobba

Brad Stroble, Melinda Warner, and Michelle Muellers

Michael Wesley Sams

Good morning sunshine! The Mighty Hobba, always charming and repleat with social graces! One who eats, sleeps, dreams, sweats, and expels music, Keith knows more about the subject than 99% of the general population. He's turned more people onto more music than anyone I know. He knows a load about films and television, too. Got a question? He'll probably know the answer. And isn't he rugged? With leather?

Hey! Click on Keith's jovial picture above to check out his latest record reviews and recommendations!

Why, thanks! Oh, you've finished it. These three are all in my cool book. Brad is a comedic engineer and a forerunner in the field of strategic displacement. Mindy (aka Apple!) is on the road to becoming a prosperous sex therapist. On my car is Michelle, or Mag to us real people, who is in International Relations and also goes to fire school. Woo hoo! Actually they're all very scary people who shouldn't be allowed small children or even allowed in the same vehicle, especially on cross-country trips.

Mike here has a strange approach to getting a tan. Actually he has a strange approach to life, but that's never hurt anyone (or has it? Hmmm...) His employment career is even goofier than mine, varying from terms as a roofer to being an auditor in a hotel. He takes great photos in addition to being an excellent model. He's appeared in the film Superfights and several theatre productions. To those of you who are curious, his hair is naturally curly. He's a good friend of Brother Dan, too.

This is me with a girl named Susan. She got me into Hüsker Dü and some punk rock. Apart from being viciously pretty and amazing to talk to, she was a really great artist. This is one of those photos from the beach out of the photo machines. From the best summer of my life.

This is a girl named Jena. She's a talented singer and has been in several musicals. She's got some of the most gorgeous red hair and has some of the cutest facial expressions I've ever seen.

Gretchen... one of the prettiest and coolest girls I've ever met. We had fun riding on my motorcycle and hanging out. I've lost touch with her, though. She doesn't write back

This is Martine, and though from Luxembourg, is not buck-toothed (right, all you Smiths fans?) She's getting heavy-weight, industrial strength advanced degrees in England right now, and has also worked on numerous films and theatre productions as an Assistant Director and Director. She's got a great smile and a great speaking voice. She also speaks quite a few languages.