Compiled by discerning listeners
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Real music listeners know that listening to the same songs in the same order so many times in a row can be a grueling and tedious experience. They also know that most of the sampler and compilations put out by record companies...suck. So they take the time to sit down and assemble collections of their favorite songs. The more experienced ones usually go to the length of planning the tapes out and putting a theme to it all...

This is where I and people I know have put up some of the mix tapes they've recorded over the years.

Tapes by Keith Hobba, Lizz in London, and Me...

as you sleep & wake:A GOSSAMER STOUT

Talk Talk- Inheritance
Lush- Monochrome
Dead Can Dance- Enigma of the Absolute
Sinead O'Connor- Drink Before the War
World of Skin- Everything for Maria
Brian Eno- Everything Merges with the Night
Peter Gabriel- Mercy Street
Sibelius (L. Bernstein) - Valse Triste op. 44
Cocteau Twins- the Spangle Maker
Hüsker Dü- New Day Rising
Cocteau Twins- the Hollow Men
Bauhaus- Third Uncle
Clint Ruin/Lydia Lunch- Clinch
Black Flag- Account for What?
Bob Mould- Black Sheets of Rain
Godflesh- Slateman
Pale Saints- Ordeal
Pigface- Go!
Foetus- Fratricide Patricide
the Descendents- I Like Food

recorded late summer 1993 for gm by JThrush
A pretty decent tape. I designed the first side to be listened to while going to sleep... mellow and relaxing, except for the end of Spangle Maker, which just starts moving air...it's one of my favorite songs. The second side is to be played at maximum volume tolerable to get you out of bed and moving as quickly as possible. It's a nice variety of stuff.


intro...from a lesbian porn scene
the Smiths- London
Fugazi- Margin Walker
Black Flag- Six Pack
the Ramones- Psychotherapy
Quicksand- Dine Alone
interlude...from Black Flag's Crass Commercialism

Black Flag- Slip It In
Dead Kennedys- MTv Get Off the Air
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Punk Rock Classic
the Minutemen- My Heart & the Real World
Minor Threat- I Don't Wanna Hear It
Hüsker Dü- Folklore
the Descendents- My Age
the Sex Pistols- Pretty Vacant
Bauhaus- Hair of the Dog
interlude...from Black Flag's Crass Commercialism

Fugazi- Merchandise
the Minutemen- Themselves
Sid Vicious- My Way
Quicksand- Thorn in my Side
the Descendents- Weinerschnitzel
Continuance...from a lesbian porn scene
the Sex Pistols- Holidays in the Sun
Black Flag- Forever Time
Minor Threat- Out of Step
Fugazi- Facet Squared
Hüsker Dü- Real World
the Ramones- Commando
interlude...from Rollins live chatter on Lifetime

Rollins Band- Burned Beyond Recognition
Swans- Laugh
Bauhaus- Lagartija Nick
Foetus- DI-1-9026
Hüsker Dü- Powerline
the Minutemen- Nature without Man
Quicksand- Baphomet
Fugazi- Version
the Descendents- I'm not a Punk
interlude...from Black Flag's Crass Commercialism

Black Flag- TV Party
the Descendents- Suburban Home

recorded spring 1996 for cl & jb by JThrush
Something I came up with for giggles. I wanted to throw a lot of music on one tape...things I'd heard a thousand times and things I'd overlooked. The intro and continuance I lifted from a porn tape that had some really funny dialogue and none of the bowm-chicka-wow-wow music on it. It's good for a laugh and I think it fits the tape.

"yeah...hard road home..."

Bad Brains w/Henry Rollins- Kick Out the Jams
Hüsker Dü- Ice Cold Ice
the Descendents- Suburban Home
XTC- No Thugs in Our House
Embrace- Give Me Back
Swans- Speak
Dead Can Dance- the Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
Jane's Addiction- Three Days
Joy Division- She's Lost Control
the Cure- Push
the Police- Driven to Tears (live)
Boingo- Insanity
David Bowie- Hallo Spaceboy
Jane's Addiction- On the Beach
the Cure- Shake Dog Shake
Red Hot Chili Peppers- Warped
Nine Inch Nails- Eraser
Tool- Sober
Rage Against the Machine- Killing in the Name of
Frank Sinatra- That's Life

recorded fall 1996/winter 1997 by JThrush
I made half of this tape to get me home to PA on one of my trips home...kind of a last minute thing. I did the second half before meeting up with my family for Christmas, hence the title. I screwed up and recorded over side A, so I recently went back and redid it. Very dark and atmospheric music. I meant it to keep me awake while driving.


Stone Temple Pilots- Big Empty
Suede- My Insatiable One
Inspiral Carpets- Sleep Well Tonight
Counting Crows- Anna Begins
The Wildhearts- In Lilly's Garden
Sugar- Slick
Metallica- Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
The Velvet Underground- Venus In Furs
Dodgy- Grassman
Cracker- Low
The Cure- High
Joy Division- Love Will Tear Us Apart
Nine Inch Nails- Dead Souls
Stone Temple Pilots- Creep
A-ha- Manhattan Skyline
Satchel- Mr. Pink
Melvins- Lizzy
Mudhoney- Halloween
Smashing Pumpkins- Luna
Stone Temple Pilots- Kitchenware and Candybars
Pulp- I Spy

recorded by Lizz R. @ University of London
"The theme was basically mellow, something I could work to without being too sleep inducing."

Thanks, Lizz!

the Hobba series


Recorded 05/08/95
Fleetwood Mac- Hypnotized
King Crimson- The Sheltering Sky
The Church- Fly Home
The Velvet Underground- Some Kinda Love
Roxy Music- The Bogus Man
Sylvian/Fripp- Firepower
Kraftwerk- Autobahn
Dead Can Dance- The Protagonist
Iron Butterfly- In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida


Recorded 02/05/97
Propaganda- Dream Within A Dream
Eno- Web
This Mortal Coil- Dreams Are Like Water
Miranda Sex Garden- Inferno
Spaceman 3- Suicide
Angelo Badalamenti- Night Life In Twin Peaks

Hawkwind- You Shouldn't Do That
Dead Can Dance- Indus
The Church- Magician Among The Spirits
Medicine- Heads

recorded for John Bennett by Keith Hobba and John Bennett
These tapes are to be used in alternate states of mind. They are comprised of songs that are over 5 minutes in length and are very repetitive, almost to the point of being annoying to the untrained ear. These tapes are meant to be trance inducing, causing the listener to start relaxing with the repeating and almost monotonous music. The best songs for this, in my opinion, are songs with minimal chord changes and redundant bass lines.
(Bennett) picked out 3 of the tracks for both tapes, but gave Keith the requirements that had to be met for the other songs [ie: length (5 min. minimum with no maximum) and tempo (not really upbeat but more of a droning quality like in a dirge).] Whether or not the songs had lyrics was not really an issue. Of course the songs had to be placed together in an order so as to maximize the tape (of course Keith is pretty much a master of this). There is minimal blank tape on either one.

Music For Spring - The Instrumentals Volume I

Recorded Spring 1991 in Zipgun Studios
King Crimson- Discipline
The Beatles- Flying
Book Of Love- Wall Song
The Who- Quadrophenia
Genesis- After The Ordeal
League Of Crafty Guitarists- Tight Muscle Party At Love Beach
Dead Can Dance- Ascension
The Moody Blues- Beyond
Apollo 100- Joy
Jean Michel Jarre- Fourth Rendezvous
Peter Gabriel- Open
Laurie Anderson- Credit Racket
Led Zeppelin- Bron Yr Aur
The Bee Gees- The British Opera

The Nice- America
Robert Fripp- Breathless
Dead Can Dance- Saltarello
Stewart Copeland- The Equalizer Busy Equalizing
Pink Floyd- Any Colour You Like
Alphaville- Patricia's Park
King Crimson- Satori In Tangier
Angelo Badalmenti- The Bookhouse Boys
The Bee Gees- Seven Seas Symphony
Emerson, Lake & Palmer- Aquatarkus
Genesis- Los Endos

recorded by Keith Hobba

Music For Fall - The Instrumentals Volume II

Queen- Procession
Camper Van Beethoven- Opening Theme
The Fall- Overture from "I Am Kurious Oranj"
Amon Duul II- Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse
The League Of Crafty Guitarists- Askesis
Triumvirat- The Walls Of Doom
Men Without Hats- Van Der Graaf Generation Blues
This Mortal Coil- The Last Ray
The Clash- Time Is Tight
King Crimson- The Sailor's Tale
Steve Kilbey- The Dawn Poems
Art Of Noise- Snapshot
Yes- the Clap
Ren & Stimpy- Big House Blues
Walter Carlos- Theme From "A Clockwork Orange"

Pink Floyd- Obscured By Clouds
Pink Floyd- When You're In
Amon Duul II- Da Guadeloop
Tin Tin- Benny The Wonder Dog
Robert Fripp String Quintet- Hope
This Mortal Coil- The Horizon Bleeds & Sucks It's Thumb
Rush- YYZ
Brian Eno- Distributed Being
Steve Kilbey- The White Plague
King Crimson- Last Skirmish
Genesis- The Brazillian
The Bee Gees- With All Nations

recorded by Keith Hobba

Music For The Elements - The Instrumentals Volume III

Pink Floyd- One Of These Days
Kraftwerk- Kometenmelodie 2
The Church- Eastern
Peter Gabriel- Of These, Hope (reprise)
The Final Cut- Dance For The Saints
Link Wray- Rumble
Angelo Badalmenti- The Pink Room
Andy Summers/Robert Fripp- I Advance Masked
Emerson, Lake & Palmer- Hoedown
They Might Be Giants- Spacesuit
Pink Floyd- Interstellar Overdrive
Queen- Seven Seas Of Rhye

ABBA- Arrival
Nine Inch Nails- A Warm Place
King Crimson- The Sheltering Sky
Triumvirat- Triangle
Emerson, Lake & Palmer- Tank
Yes- Mood For A Day
King Crimson- Prelude:Song Of The Gulls
Dead Can Dance- Mother Tongue
Emerson, Lake & Powell- Mars: The Bringer Of War

recorded by Keith Hobba

Music For Inertia - The Instrumentals Volume IV

Recorded October 1996 in Zipgun Studios
Amon Duul 2- Vortex
Mike Oldfield- Magellan
The Tea Party- The Badger
The Church- Romany Caravan
King Crimson- Vrooom
David Bowie- Speed Of Life
Portishead- Theme From "To Kill A Dead Man"
ELP- Fanfare For The Common Man
The Who- Sparks
The Church- Grandiose

The League Of Crafty Guitarists- Lark's Thrak
Primus- Hamburger Train
ELP- The Barbarian
Ginger Baker- Interlock
California Guitar Trio- Yamanashi Blues
The League Of Gentleman- Inductive Resonance
Peter Gabriel- It Is Accomplished
King Crimson- The Devil's Triangle
  1. Merday Morn
  2. Hand Of Scieron
  3. Garden Of Scieron

The Church- Film
Genesis- Horizon's
Andy Summers/Robert Fripp- Stultified

recorded by Keith Hobba
The instrumental series is an ongoing project of mine to create 90 to 100 minute soundscapes without the hinderance of lyrics.

Got a mix tape you want to tell me about? Send me the details!