(gasp!) PEOPLE!

Splendiferous Fun and Merriment! - the Home Page of Jen Hoffman and J.Thrush (ready soon!)

Dimmer's Page - Tim Michael's totally cool home. He's more than a man... he's Dimmer!

Casper's Column - Casper is a witty soul who comes up with interesting columns about pertinent subjects to all of our lives... like MUSIC and TV SHOWS. Check it out!

the Fabled Page of Everything - It's all that!

Sabrinab's Home Page - Sabrinab's one of my pal's on WBS's Twentysomething room... She's got some nifty pics and some cool links on her very animated page...


NME - One of Britain's coolest weekly music papers is now ONLINE! Check it out!

CrimsOnline - A link to the official web site of one of the greatest group ever. Quality.

2.13.61 - The link to Henry Rollins' Multimedia organization. Great site for official info.

Henry Rollins Stuff - a great Rollns Tribute site with articles, images, and upcoming announcements

the Draize Train - a very cool Johnny Marr page for the real Smiths fans out there.

OLGA - A great place to go for guitar and bass tips and self-training techniques. Tabs, too!

FILMS, TV, and More...

Neptune's Kingdom - a pretty nifty site of a guy who is something completely other! Prisoner and Bond stuff.

Actor/Actress Web Server - A who's who in the movies... Great stuff! Check it out!

Cultshop - A rather odd collection of film stuff... including the Bruce Campbell update! Worth checking out if you've ever watched a movie.

ViewAskew Productions - The Web Site of Kevin Smith's production company... this is the guy who brought you Clerks and Mallrats! Very entertaining.

Clay's Directors Page - A nice assortment of info on film makers.

Miscellaneous Gunk

WebChat Broadcasting System - The only chat rooms I go to. Huge. Often a lot of fun.

United States Government Info - Our taxes pay for it. Check it out! Great stuff!

Online Zines - Just go here to see if you can find something you're interested in.

Plug-Ins and Nifty Multi-media Upgrades

RealAudio - One of the most incredible audio programs on the planet! Essential. Free! Get it!

InterVU - A beauty of an Mpeg Player that lets you see whay you're downloading as it comes through. Very nifty. And free!

Shockwave - Tim digs it...why can't you? More rarely seen, but dynamic.

ToolVox Player - A highly compressed sound module for speech over the net. Almost as great as RealAudio, but not quite as clear. Still, download it, install it, and then hit my Jello Biafra page and follow the instructions there. Entire spoken word albums on the Net!!! Dig it.