31 january 2002

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Whatever happened to...

Greg Ginn

Despite rumors that he sold them to a major label for several million dollars, Ginn still owns and operates Cruz and SST Records out of offices located in Long Beach, CA. He also owns New Alliance Records (which at one time was the Minutemen's label), though all titles are now out of print with no plans for repressing. He also owns the recording studio Casa Destroy used to record the latest SST artists.

Since Black Flag's day, he has recorded and performed solo and with such groups as Mojak, Hor, El Bad, BIAS, Get Me High, Killer Tweaker Bees, Screw Radio, Confront James, Poindexter Stewart, and a 1990s version of Gone with a different rhythm section. While in Flag, he also performed and recorded with Gone, October Faction, and other projects. He's very much a workaholic and has quite a few solo and group releases out.

For a short time he operated "The Idea Room," a music-centered coffee house, with Chuck Dukowski. He has most recently occupied himself with his radio program on Screw Radio, wherein he performs as his alter-ego... Poindexter Stewart.

- -

Keith Morris

Went on to fame and fortune (or at least major label participation) with his band the Circle Jerks, who were legendary in their own right. After the Circle Jerks broke up, he supplemented his meager royalties by working at a diner in Silverlake. He didn't give up music, though, handling vocal duties for Midget Handjob.

A rumor had been floating around for several years that he and Ginn might collaborate on a project, but nothing ever came of that. Then in Spring of 1999, Track 16 Gallery listed that Black Flag was scheduled to perform 5 June, 1999 at the Punk Rock Hall of Fame Awards. Morris was to be featured on vocals again; however, that turned out to be some shady promotion. Ginn reacted with the "PUNK ROCK KARAOKE FRAUD" campaign in response. In the end, Morris couldn't make it due to an illness. He suffered with a cold for over 8 weeks until some conclusions were made about his condition.

Keith was diagnosed with Adult Onset Diabetes and also suffered from appendicitis and several other problems. A concert on 12 November, 1999 in San Diego was intended to be a benefit to help cover his rather significant medical expenses. Rumor has it that several other benefits were held as well, many of them featuring some well known bands that had been friends with Keith through the years. Hello Records is also organizing a Circle Jerks tribute record with the profits set to benefit Keith. Fishbone, Pennywise, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and others are set to be on it. Even Joey Ramone had offered to help out: unfortunately his own illness got the best of him before he was able to record.

In September 2000, Keith's band Midget Handjob released Midnight Snack Break at the Poodle Factory on Epitaph Records. Described as a loungy spoken word or as the French say... oh, I don't know what they call it... it's not the Circle Jerks, though. Shortly afterward, he gave a phenomenal interview for Hand Carved Magazine that went more into depth about his health problems. Morris made an appearance at the Misfits 25th Anniversary Tour date in LA. He ended up on stage at some point in the eveing with Robo and Dez to perform Nervous Breakdown.

On May 17th, 2002, Keith got back together with Greg Hetson and Zander Schloss when the Circle Jerks played a quick but impressive 30 minute set at the Key Club in Los Angeles. Soon after, they set out on tour and now seem to be set on playing again as a band. They recently did several dates in the eastern United States.


Chuck Dukowski (Gary McDaniel)

Continued to work for SST as the Head of Sales for many years after leaving Flag. Opened and closed "The Idea Room," with Ginn. He was also responsible for booking tours and other duties at the label for many years.

Recorded with Swa, which has since broken up. Since then, he has recorded with Bill Stinson and Paul Cutler on United Gang Members, available from New Alliance Records. A follow-up album, described as being "much more electronic and denser than the first" was mentioned at one point although these plans have now been shelved. Dukowski continues to jam with members from Swa and lives in Long Beach, CA.

An overlooked aspect of Chuck was his tendency towards lecture. He would go into dialogues while playing despite the inability of any to hear. When he played with October Faction, he had his own microphone and these raps were incorporated into the shows and songs.

It's also been verifed that Dukowski hasn't worked with Ginn or SST since sometime in 1997. There is a "Jose Dukowski" at SST and Screw Radio, but this is not Chuck. It is not known what Chuck is doing these days, though it doesn't appear to be music.

Brian Migdol
No information.

Chavo Pederast (Ron Reyes)

It's rumored that he returned (either volunatarily or involuntarily) to Puerto Rico sometime in the 80s. It has been heard from more than one source that he became a born again Christian and is currently living in Canada.

Robo (Roberto Valverde)

Robo played with the Misfits for a time until they disbanded. According to mail from "Johnny Turd" he worked with Jerry and Doyle of the Misfits at their guitar shop in New Jersey for a number of years. He was reportedly living with his family in South America with no plans to return to the music industry.

It has been confirmed that he returned to the US with his son and was working at Pro-Edge with Jerry Only. In 2001, he and Dez Cadena joined up with the Misfits on their 25th Anniversary Tour. Beginning in April, the tour covered most of the United States and a chunk of South America.

He is featured on the Misfits release Cuts from the Crypt, which contains a cover of the Black Flag song Rise Above.

Dez Cadena

Dez went on to record and perform with DC3. He also teamed up with ex-Minutemen, fIREHOSE George Hurley and ex-October Faction Tom Troccoli in Vida. Their album was released by Blue Man from Uranus Records. The band has since dissolved. He's also played with Boner, Bulemia Banquet, and with Dave Markey in Carnage Asada.

He was spotted at a Decendents show at the Whiskey in LA and it's been confirmed that he got up on stage to do a Germs cover at the end of the night with the band. Vida opened.

At one point in 1999-2000, he was the guitarist in Duff McKagan's (ex-Guns & Roses) band Loaded. More recently, he went on tour with the Misfits doing backing guitar and vocals. Doyle had to bow out of the later dates due to some personal problems, so it's assumed Dez took over all guitar duties. They also did a number of Black Flag songs during the set, which Dez sang. Rise Above was recorded for the release Cuts from the Crypt, which also features Robo on drums.

Emil Johnson

It was assumed he left Black Flag to get an education; however, it has been learned that he quit the band due to a disagreement with Mugger and the girl they'd both been seeing (unbeknownst to Emil.) Soon afterwards, he broke into the SST offices stole some master tapes of recordings. SST later purchased them back from him.

Nothing more current.

Chuck Biscuits

He went on to join Glenn Danzig in his post-Misfits outfit Samhain. This later evolved into Danzig. Recently Glenn decided to totally shift gears and shed all personnel of the band (including Biscuits). Danzig also ended his term with longtime producer Rick Rubin and Rubin's label, American Recordings.

Apparently Chuck is/was associated with a group called the Four Horsemen...also on American. It's also been confirmed (thanks Jim!) that he's the new drummer for Social Distortion.


Bill Stevenson

Stevenson went back to the Descendents when they began playing again soon after his term ended in Black Flag. After Milo left to become a Biochemist, the group evolved into All.

In Summer, 1996, Epitaph Records released the album Everything Sucks by a newly reunited Descendents with Milo back in the fold. Both they and All continue to co-exist at this point.

The newly reformed Descendents are also responsible for the opening music for MTV Sports... which also once featured some guy named Rollins in random bits of whatever.

Also, Stevenson apparently started a non-punk record label called Upland Records which has released a record from good old Spot. He also has part ownership in a recording studio called the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO. Of late, Bill's been producing records and juggling both All and the Descendents. As of early 2002, word is both groups are getting ready to record albums to be released this year.


Kira Roessler

Was married to (and divorced from) Mike Watt, bass player for the Minutemen, fIREHOSE, and occasionally Porno for Pyros. She continues to perform with him none-the-less in the long lived group Dos. According to Mike Watt, they are working on a fourth album.

C'el Revuelta

No information.

Anthony Martinez

After Black Flag broke up, he played for a time with the Tommy Chiffon Band. Apparently he is still performing, the most recent known being Pigmy Love Circus.

Henry Rollins

Continues to record and perform his spoken word to sell-out crowds. He also recently broke up the original Rollins Band and has replaced them with the LA based Mother Superior. They have left Dreamworks Records and are now recording for Sanctuary Records and 2.13.61.

He continues to operate 2.13.61, a publishing and record company. He also writes for his own label and the occasional magazine, performs voice-over work for commercials and music documentaries, and acts here and there in feature films and television roles. It's rumored that he sleeps occasionally, but mind you this is only a rumor.

Friends of Flag
road crew, associates, and others


The band's long-time producer, one-time bass player, and earliest supporter. He was reviewing records for the Easy Reader in the South Bay when he met Ginn. Eventually Ginn started Panic (which developed in Black Flag.) SPOT was the apprentice engineer at Media Art recording studios and convinced them to come there to record the Nervous Breakdown sessions.

SPOT continued to work with the band, co-producing and engineering from earliest singles up to Slip It In. He also acted as their tour manager and live sound man during many of the early gigs. His influence on these recordings is substantial.

He also produced many other SST acts, including releases by Hüsker Dü, the Descendents and others. He also worked on albums by the Misfits and many other bands. He's still active today, most recently in Austin, Texas. He has an on-off again group called, what else, SPOT. He also reportedly did a solo acoustic tour as recently as fall 1998. According to Scott, he also releasing an album of "fats waller 30's style music" on Bill Stevenson's Upland Records label. The latest is that owns and runs a bar in Austin called the Hole in the Wall. Finally, he's a wicked bowler... (thanks, Matt, Lucas, & Bran!)

Mugger (Steve Corbin)

The band's right hand man for quite some time. He drove the van, hauled gear, and helped promote many of their shows throughout the early and mid-80s.

Also headed his own band, the Nig-Heist, and supported many Flag shows. The band had a fluctuating membership and often included people that were conveniently enough on the tour at the time. Cadena, Biscuits, Troccoli, SPOT, and even Ian MacKaye (among others) have found their way onto the stage with this group.

Apparently Mugger also had a tendency to get naked on stage in addition to an assortment of other amusing behavior. At a show in Harrisburg, PA in 1984, it's rumored he was warned that getting naked would lead to his arrest because the club did not have (get this) a license to perform pornography. Supposedly he did the show in a bath robe and sang rather vocally about his love for the manager of the club.

There's little information on Mugger since 1984 or so. Apparently he did backing vocals on All's Pummel album in 1995. Drag City has recently reissued a double cd compilation of Nig-Heist stuff. Cheap, too! (Thanks to Dave L. for that!) Noah Smith also informs me that Mugger appeared on a show on MTV called Flying Indie in reference to SST.

Tom Troccoli

Toured as the bass player in the Nig-Heist in 1984 with Mugger. Sang in October Faction during 1984 and 1985 with Dukowski and Ginn. Led his own group, Tom Troccoli's Dog, on vocals and guitar. The latter two have several releases on SST. He toured heavily with Black Flag in the mid-80s and sang backing vocals with the band in late 1984. Also collaborated with Rollins on a song released on the Radio Tokyo Tapes Vol. 3.

He retired from music in 1986. Had a chance meeting with Cadena at a Fear reunion in 1994 and ended up returning to music in Vida. He and Dez both shared guitar and vocal duties and were joined by ex-Minutemen, fIREHOSE George Hurley on drums and Bill Bowman on bass. Their album was released by Blue Man from Uranus Records. They've also been featured on several compilations in both the US and Europe. They were working on material for a second album, but ended up disbanding in late summer 1998.

Troccoli married in August, 1998. His daughter, Daisy Anna Troccoli, was born on December 21, 2000. Congratulations, Tom!

Troccoli had also been conspiring with Dave Markey and Dez to do a one off night of music by the Velvet Underground. It is not known if this ever happened, but it seems as though Tom has given up music in order to be a full-time dad.

Ratman (Dave Levine)

The band's sound man towards the end. There are many remarks on how impressive a job he did with their sound. He should also be credited for rewiring the electronics of much of Greg's gear, quite a bit of which was held together by duct tape.

There are some great stories about Ratman in Joe Cole's book Planet Joe. The best is probably during a haul to a gig where both were dosing rather severely. Worth reading.

Ratman is still around in a big way. Rat Sound, has done sound for a blistering number of events for a great many big names in the industry. He credits the 1986 Black Flag tour for being one that allowed him to update the company's gear. Check out their incredible site for pictures, tours, and an overview of his custom designed sound system and cabinets! (Thanks, Brad!)

Davo (Dave Claassen)

One of the band's best known roadies. Went on several of the later tours with the band and assisted Ratman quite a bit. Also sang back up vocals on several songs on Slip It In and during 83-84 live shows. There are some funny bits about Davo all throughout Joe Cole's Planet Joe. He's a character...

After Black Flag broke up, he went on to work as a roadie with the Meat Puppets. (thanks, Dorothy!) Curt Kirkwood has recently formed another band called the Meat Puppets in Texas, markedly without his brother Cris. The latter is addicted to heroin and described by Curt as "a suicide in progress." It is not known whether or not Davo is with them.

David Markey

David Markey played in Painted Willie and was on that final tour in 1986. While on the road, he shot many hours of footage and interviews of all members of the band. The resulting film, Reality 86'D is presently unreleased.

Before, during, and after his days with Painted Willie, Markey has consistently been involved in video and film. In addition to working with such artists as Nirvana, Sonic Youth, the Meat Puppets, the Breeders, and Mudhoney, he has made several documentary, short, and feature films. Included in his releases are such titles as and the Slog Movie which features footage of some of the earliest performances of Rollins with Black Flag.

He has a rather detailed web site which will much better explain his activites. You can order titles directly from the site.

T-Shirts of Markey's film releases are available from Chaser Shirts.

He was most recently playing in Carnage Asada with Dez Cadena. He continues to make films and operate his production company, We Got Power Films. His recent work includes a road documentary about Shonen Knife.

Joe Cole

Joe acted as a roadie on the three legs of Black Flag's final tour of the United States. In addition to this, he was a friend of Ginn's and later Rollins' best friend.

Joe's book Planet Joe is a great document of life on the road. It's very much worth reading as it contains a perspective about the band that is close enough to be accurate and distant enough to not exclude some of the details. It is available from 2.13.61 Publications.

Joe was murdered on 19 December, 1991 during a robbery at the house where he and Rollins lived. The full story of this can be seen and heard on Talking from the Box, the Rollins Spoken Word video.

Information compiled from various sources; including but not limited to:
Get in the Van
Turned On: a Biography of Henry Rollins
the liner notes of Everything Went Black
Everything Went Black: a Complete Oral History (Grad, David. Punk Planet #20. Chicago. Sept/Oct 1997).

More to come...pics, links, and essays about the band! Feel free to suggest things or just write!

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