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"The last time I saw Black Flag perform was at a club in Trenton, NJ called City Gardens... you're probably thinking, 'Trenton, NJ?' right? Well, this club booked ALL the greatest bands to play: Flipper, Dead Kennedys, Slayer, and even Nirvana back in the day...

"Anyway, I saw Black Flag on Good Friday in 1986... Overkill was the opening band, then BF, and then (get this one) Venom! Henry still had long hair and was walking around in these tight brown shorts, holding his hand up saying "Hail Satan!" It was hysterical...

"There was some girl in the audience that was trying to act too cool for her own good and Henry kept saying:"

"You're so hard, girl!!"

"She tried to play it off, but I'm sure she was embarassed. Black Flag stole the show without a doubt...

"Henry is perhaps one of the most dynamic frontmen I've ever had the pleasure to see. I grew up in Trenton and used to run into him quite a bit. He was staying at a friend's house who happened to live with William Tucker of Ween. When I moved to NYC, I'd see him on St. Marks every once in a while, but haven't in some time. He's not the same without Black Flag. I just can't get into the spoken word thing..."

Marlene T.
Jan 2000

"I grew up in San Diego, CA, born in '65, and I can totally appreciate your work. Early memories included the Bullocks, then Sex Pistols, then Black Flag, True Sounds of Liberty, Fear, the Damned, Social Distortion, and The Decline of Western Civilization.

"Back in 1981-82, I used to see punk shows at a place called Fairmont Hall in San Diego. It was a real small place and I don't think the owners let the shows go on for too long. I was too young to go to the Skeleton Club (I was told there was some good shows there, but Fairmont Hall was good enough for me). I first saw Black Flag with Henry at Fairmont Hall and tried to follow the band after that. I saw some pretty crazy shit. I could last in the pit with my buddies for quite some time, but after a while the 'OI!' movement introduced hammers and razor blades into the pit. I thought that was a little too painful.

"Even though the youth of today think they know what punk is, they really don't. It was so intense and fresh at the time. Before the music started, we would all play 'Kick the Can' in the pit. Kick the can hurt just as much as when music started. I loved that shit."

Ray N.
Mar 2000

"I was just checking out the site and it brought back some old memories. Back in '80, '81 and '82 I was fully into the LA punk scene. Black Flag, Fear, the Circle Jerks... they were all the awesome bands. I felt totally bummed because I hadn't got into the scene before Darby Crash died, so I never got to see the Germs live. Now I look back and realize that I still was lucky enough to be a punk when it was the best time to be an LA punk rocker.

"Here's a story about Dez. I was crashing at this girl named Octavia's house one night. In the morning I went into the kitchen and met Dez. Black Flag was getting ready to release their record and were getting shit for their lyrics and promoting "violence and aggression". They were told to put an advisory label on the record and no one could believe it. We started talking about censorship and bullshit. We discussed back masking and how difficult it would be. Dez said if Black Flag had the ability and inclination to put on a message they would say something like 'drink your milk and listen to your parents.' We agreed that it would be more subversive than just saying 'kill everyone!' That is my favorite personal Black Flag story. I have tons of other memories, like trying to get into Godzilla's to see the Damned. I was with Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks) and the show was sold out. We tried to get in at the door because Bad Religion was playing (he was already somewhat affiliated with them). What is sad about that night is I don't even remember if we actually went in and saw the show or not. The next thing I remember is Greg dropping me off at my house the next morning. He was driving his way cool beige station wagon. Now that I think about it, the Fire Marshals (those evil fuckers) probably closed the place down.

"I could write all night about the cool (and uncool) things that happened back then. Like when my friend Roxie got run over sitting on a bus bench at Oki Dogs or the night Rick James pulled up at Oki Dogs in his white stretch limo at about 3:00 a.m.; the riot at the Palladium; the nights when it only cost $2.00 to get in to Dancing Waters in San Pedro (for free if the Samoan bouncers liked you); seeing all the upcoming bands like Social Distortion, T.S.O.L. and the Vandals in wild backyard parties.

"I'm sad that I didn't keep in touch with all of the wild friends I knew back then. I'd like to hear from any of the old crew if they come across this. My email is dkblake0310@hotmail.com. Thanks for taking me back to the days when no one was a rock star and you could always count on getting harassed for the way you looked."

Denise K.
Apr 2000

"I saw the band in Milan, Italy at the club Odissea 2001 on 2/22/83 and it was incredible!!!! In the hours before the show, the punk guys destroyed the car of the club owner because the tickets were too expensive. The police arrived, but after an hour we got in with a low-price ticket.

"A few things I remember: Ginn had long hair at the time (the european punk-fashion was short hair). Dukowski played his bass unplugged from his amp for 5 minutes. My girl friend also kissed Rollins sometime during the show. She was completely drunk. This gig was very important to me. Oh, and the support band was THE MINUTEMEN!!!!

Ines B.
Apr 2000

"The one and only time I saw Black Flag face-to-face was spring of 1985 in Vancouver, Canada. Meat Puppets opened (boy have *they* changed over the years!) Only 12 or 15 people showed up: 3 members of D.O.A., a couple of geeks from the local college radio station, a few kids from the suburbs, and the guys who came with me. This was a little after My War came out and the band was full-on into Rollins mode. The show was very tight and intense despite the small turn out. Rollins kept toying with the kids standing directly in front of the stage..

"You should be embarassed... We're out working you..."


"You're lucky I don't have a screwdriver, man. I'd gouge your eye out -- then we'd see who's paying attention..."

May 2000

"Very cool!!! I've spent the past two hours or so reading each and every one of the memories wondering what the f**K [ed. note - you can go ahead and say 'fuck'... I can take it.] I'm going to mail.

"I was at that turkey hatchery show [ed. note - see Oct. 1998, Dave C.] since my dad was the manager. It was only two bucks to get through the gate and there were kegs. How many, I don't remember... I was 16 at the time and it was 18 years ago. But I do recall getting stymie with H.R. and some friends in my dad's office.

"I think my wife and I will name our daughter (when we have one) Kira. What's a good middle name? Maybe she doesn't need one. Dave C.? I think I know who you are, but there are two Dave C's that I knew way back then. All I know is that I got some that night in 82. LATE!"

June 2000

"I saw the Mighty Black Flag in New Orleans in the June of 1985. The show was in a gymnasium and the weather was really hot.

"The Nig Heist opened the show... it was really raunchy and fun. I remember seeing Henry naked as he changed his clothes right on the stage. I can't remember if it was Mugger or Henry, but someone was hanging on the basketball hook that was hanging in front of the stage with their pants coming down. I don't remember a lot about this show, but I did end rather abruptly. I didn't find out why until I read Get in Van. The cops had busted it up."

Kirt K.
June 2000

"I had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed your site. I was surprised at the accuracy of the site as well. Why? I was there. You see I am a former member of the band Saccharine Trust and pretty good friends with most of the members of Black Flag during the early to middle 80's.

"The stuff I found most interesting was the where are they now info. I am curious how you got all that information, especially the past stuff... because it was pretty much right on.

"Anyway, I just wanted you to know I was impressed with the site and will probably visit it again to show friends. I have seen others that are complete bullshit.


Mark Vidal
a.k.a. Earl Liberty
June 2000

"I got my punk rock cherry popped at a Black Flag show in about 85. For an experiment I went to Nashville Tennessee's Cantrell's, a club which is now something like the Luou Lounge restaurant. At the time I hardly knew what punk rock was. All I know is that the line up of Ginn, Rollins, Kira, and Martinez would change the way I thought about rock music forever. Just as Rollins thrust into Charles Manson psycho mode, somebody really pummled me onto the ground. Slam dancing became a much loved ritual from then on.

"The show was totally out of control. It beat the hell out of most arena rock I had seen. Ted Nugent couldn't hold a candle to the ferocity of Black Flag. Other shows and other venues would follow (D.O.A., Circle Jerks, D.R.I.,) but this punk show is the first and best punk show I ever saw.

"Looking back on it, I feel privileged and lucky to have taken a chance on something new and different one night in the eighties. Black Flag may have been underground, underproduced, and virtually unheard of in the mainstream, but I know I witnessed something legendary."

Nathan C.
July 2000

"During the summer of 1982, I had become more involved with Black Flag and began to attend shows every Friday at the Polliwog. I can remember waking one particular morning of a show and thinking, 'Well, since I have a mohawk now and these cool boots, maybe I won't get tossed around as much.' I remember the show being no different except for the fact that I had a yellow mohawk and these awkward looking boots on. I can remember people being tossed around and storming the stage, kicking at Henry as he fought back with his microphone saying,

"Is this what it's like to be beat-up, cause you guys fight like girls"

"Nontheless, the show went on. I can still see Henry on stage screaming Rise Above and spitting all over the place, sweating so badly, he ended up taking his shirt off. The vibe was good and the bands played."

James F.
July 2000

"I used to play w/Wasted Youth. Jeff was the original bass player but I played w/them off and on for a year or two.

"Currently I work for Pfizer the pharmaceutical drug company here in NYC. I suppose you could say I've joined corporate America, but who in the old scene hasn't? All the guys from Channel 3 I know are corporate cogs like myself. You grow up, and realize you need a future, want the proverbial wife and kids. Safety net type of things.

"The punk or old hardcore attitude never goes away, neither do those precious memories of the Whiskey and Fleetwood. I could go on forever how different it was then and how much harder it was to be accepted in society. It was hard enough at school playing sports, and hanging out w/your old friends, let alone try and break new ground. You basically got in a fight once or twice a week w/people who found you strange. Mostly older college guys. This was 1980-83. I was still in high school.

"Enough of my mantra of the flag waving punks. Just keep that fire burning inside, it smolders every now and then, but when it resurfaces watch out man.......human time bomb."

Kevin K.
July 2000

"I think 3rd time I saw Black Flag was in 1985, at First Avenue in Minneapolis. (Yes, this is the club that Prince used to hang out).

"Before the show, Henry was at an in-store appearance at Northern Lights Records; one of the few places to get hardcore at that time. He had recently broken his wrist and was wearing a cast. My buddy also had a cast on his wrist and when Henry found out it was from a skateboard accident, he said:

"If you don't get hurt skateboarding, you aren't skating hard enough."

"Later, at the show, some guys got in to a fight. Henry stopped the show and talked about how stupid it was. He asked:

"Hey, guy with the cast I met earlier, what would you do if someone tried to start some shit with you?"

"Half of the crowd yelled out out 'Hit him with the cast!' Henry said:

"No...No, you don't need to sink to his level. Just walk away. If he wants to be an asshole, let him be a asshole."

"I was surprised to Henry take the pacifist route, but hey, there were no more fights that night and as usual it was a great show."

Sal S.
Aug 2000

"I saw Black Flag in DC back in late 85/early 86. I'm pretty sure it was the last time they played live in the District...it was at the 9:30, maybe the Woost, I can't remember. It was a school night and we had to drive a long way, but it was worth it. I felt more at home there at that show than at my own house. The music spoke to me. I still find it hard to believe and hard to put into words.

"I am all grown up and a respectable member of the community as far as most people are concerned nowadays, but I still listen to the music of that time. Shit, I might even play it for my kids when they get a little older."

Ron H.
Oct 2000

"I am 49 with 2 punkhead kids. I found out that it was me that got Black Flag their first gig. It was at Polliwog Park in Manhattan Beach, CA. They played for my winning little league team. They were a last minute replacement band. We threw chicken bones & watermelon at them. Who knew> I can even tell you the band that they replaced... They may not even know this."

Russ B.
Dec 2000

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