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movies that I love and repsect, but can't watch a lot (maybe once every few years.) these should be seen by everyone.
movies that I can watch numerous times and not get tired of watching...sometimes a few times a year (not that I have the time...)

Apocalypse Now

the Godfather

the Godfather II

Pulp Fiction


the Adventures of Baron Munchausen

the Fisher King

Repo Man
"Let's go get sushi...and not pay!"

Broadcast News

Blue Velvet


Silence of the Lambs

the Breakfast Club

Roger & Me
One of the best documentaries of all time...and a very funny film, too. From Michael Moore, the guy who brought you TV NATION!

the Thin Blue Line
Another great documentary. Great music by Philip Glass, too. Hey, it got an innocent man out of prison!

Swimming to Cambodia
Director Jonathan Demme at some of his best. A Spalding Gray monologue on film!

Man Bites Dog
A great faux-documentary... if you like Tarantino or the Usual Suspects, this'll make you grin. Humor of the darkest kind.

Taxi Driver


El Mariachi
Made for $7,000 by the incredible Robert Rodriguez, this film puts most big budget Hollywood thrillers to shame.

Before Sunrise

Leaving Las Vegas

After Hours
Griffin Dunne in one of the greatest romps through NYC ever.

Alan Arkin heads a stupendous cast in this Mike Nichols movie. The book isn't bad either.

Still a favorite to quote after all these years. Easily my favorite Chevy Chase film. The sequels ok, too.

Get Crazy
Great comedy in the Spinal Tap vein w/Malcolm McDowell, Daniel Stern, and John Densmore of the Doors!

Strange Brew

Spinal Tap
"...but these got to 11!"

A Christmas Story

the Professional
From the director of La Femma Nikita and starring Jean Reno and Gary Oldman! Introduced me to Natalie Portman.

From Dusk till Dawn

Clooney...Tarantino...Rodriguez! Lots of fun...

Reservoir Dogs

True Romance


Escape from New York

State of Grace


Full Metal Jacket

My favorite war film of all time.

Murder by Death

Kind Hearts and Coronets
The Ealing Studios finest work! Alec Guiness plays eight or more roles. A masterpiece of comedy!


the Usual Suspects
A fantastic movie with an incredible ending! See it!
Do NOT click on soundclip unless you can handle STRONG language. You've been warned.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
With Gary Oldman and Tim Roth! Also, Richard Dreyfuss. A very clever comedy...

the Chase
Before OJ did it, Charlie Sheen took over the LA highways. Hilarious Henry Rollins made his feature film debut!

Dazed and Confused



Chasing Amy
Three films from the amazing Kevin Smith, who has proven himself the mightiest director of the twentysomething genre film for the 90s. See them all. Visit his site.

Y'know, it's just possible that I don't know all the cool movies. Sure, I worked in a cinema for years and used to watch about two or three films a day while in college (uh, it was research?), but that doesn't mean I've seen everything. I mean, just because I projected about thirty or forty different films in the space of four months while in England (and countless others in the states...) doesn't mean I've seen them all... If you've seen something that you think I ought to see, tell me about it. Of course, you can also just tell me how gosh darn cool I am...easy enough!

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