Reviews of 'Glances From a Nervous Groom'

   NO DEPRESSION (Seattle) "His prize possession is a guitar signed by
 over a dozen of his heroes including Paul Westerburg, John Hiatt, Robert
   Earl Keen, and Matthew Sweet - with a combination of that foursome
  providing a decent description of Hart's sound ... and from a Byrds-eye
          view, the pre-Clarence White Byrds."     - Rick Cornell.

NOT LAME, DENVER, CO. "This guy reminds me of mid/late era
               Graham Parker w/ an early 80s new wave pop approach (think
                Sinceros) but it throws in E. Costello, dashes of Byrds, a bit of
               Brinsley Schwartz/Burritos country hybrid and LOTS of Freedy
                  Johnston/Joe Henry. At times haunting, other times straight
                forward; this austere and well grounded pastiche is something
                   to dig for years to come. Rustic, idiosyncratic, inventive.
                             - Bruce Brodeen.

MIDWESTERN SKIES (Sweden) "A real cool journey into the
                  midwestern tradition of rock pop. Good craftmanship & cool
               lyrics with good hooks. Jeff also has a nice voice for this thing &
              a must recommend for all midwest trock lovers who like Del mitri."
                              - Par Karlsson.

RECORD EXCHANGE MUSIC MONITOR - "The songs on 'Glances' rank among the best
  I've heard this year. I challenge anyone to find a better in-the-wee-hours song
     than the exceptional 'From Now On' with such lines as "Colder than the
  backside of your pillowcase". Lesser artists have made careers of such songs.
                            It's Mr. Hart's turn.

THE BIG TAKEOVER (New York) "A flawless set that is so pleasing, with songs that Tom Petty would probably forfeit a tooth or two for, the kind Roger McGuinn would favor. Yet another undiscovered proze." - Jack Rabid.

   THE INDEPENDENT,(Durham NC) - "Could well be a tribute to the Fab
          Four, with honorable mentions going to Elvis Costello, Don Dixon
                                and Ray Davies.

             SPECTATOR, (Raleigh NC) -  "This crispy new set of tunes from Jeff
               reflects his tireless striving for the perfect hook... and he's sharing
                         quite a few of them with us. Here's the payoff."
                             -Tony Madejczyk

JEM (Japan) "Melodic pop - The songs remind us of the Byrds and Big Star in
             many parts. Jeff Hart is also a Neil Young/Tom Petty inspired
  singer-songwriter who inherits the best of the American rock sensibilites. His
        songs are strong enough to appeal to us from across the Pacific."
          - Mutsuo Watanabe (translation thanks to Maki Kobayashi)

CIRCUS (Newcastle England) -  "The opening salvos of 'Tearing Down' and
   'From Now On' are as exciting an inital burst of pop-rock as you'll hear this
        Hugely recommended for all lovers of the Byrds, The Beatles and REM,
   and for those who like their pop music with a pinch of intellegence and wit.
                         Thrilling" -  Keith Topping

      SUBVERSION (Pullman, WA) "Dreamy... there's a few gems here."

NEWS AND OBSERVER, Raleigh NC "Steeped in the traditional
                 guitar pop verities of bands like The Beatles and The Kinks. A
                      finely crafted record that's well worth checking out"
                             - David Menconi