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For Jeff Hart MP3's, go to (The Reverbnation Page.

The Hanks CD made the "Best of 2004" List at the Independent Weekly. "One rediscovered treasure was 420 Bickett Blvd., The Hanks' sessions recorded at that address with Jerry Kee in Five Points back in 1988. Years before anyone had grafted the "alt" label to the country classification used for the names of their favorite bands with a rockin' beat, The Hanks sounded a little bit like everything the ambiguous genre would become. Take a handful of big chord country songs about a "blue eyed love" and Watkins Grill recorded like Murmurs b-sides and slurred by a singer with grandparents from Granville County, and you have this one. Don't forget the sonorous bop of The Byrds and the George Harrison-styled licks of Ron Bartholomew.", The Hanks reunited at Cat's Cradle in August with the original lineup for the first time in 16 years. The long awaited complete 1988 recordings "420 Bickett Blvd.", can be ordered from this link, as well as liner notes, cover art, and band essays by Herbie Saint and Jeff Hart.

Paisley Pop Distributors are now carrying "The Singles" and "Nervous Groom" cd and MP3's of most of the Groom cd are now online.

The "Glances From a Nervous Groom" cd review in allmusicguide.com. Have a look, here.


jeff with the ruins in april '05

jeff at the cave in chapel hill during the recording of brown mountain lights' live cd, september 2002. photo by o'neil arnold

Some reviews for "Late Show at the Cave" (click here)

"Late Show at the Cave" is also available from the following online stores (nice reviews there too): Miles of Music, Efolkmusic.org and Paisley Pop.

Jeff Hart - Americana, Twang and Power-pop from North Carolina

jeff with brown mtn. lights in carrboro, nc.


This just in - Tony Madejczyk's Youtube video of the entire Jan. 4th Amps Do Furnish A Room gig at Local 506.

Jeff's Glances From a Nervous Groom Blog can be read here.

Download this video of Amps Do Furnish A Room playing most of Television's Marquee Moon record live (quicktime) from 9.22.07 The band chooses a highly regarded album and rehearses it every Sunday and plays it live a few times, then moves on to another album the next year.

And don't miss this Youtube clip of Jeff Hart & The Ruins as Elvis Costello & the Attractions with Declan McManus at the Big Cover Up at King's Barcade, Dec. 2005. Brian on lead vocals. Click here for all of Jeff's Youtube videos.

Band History & Timeline

This chrononlogy would be incomplete without some mention of these memorable shows Jeff has been a part of either solo or with one of his various bands. For brevity's sake: Dave Davies of the Kinks, Warren Zevon, Jeff Buckley, Roger McGuinn of the Byrds, Television, Syd Straw, Amy Rigby, Robert Earl Keen, Buddy & Julie Miller, Edie Brickell, The Connells, Tift Merritt and many others

The Hanks
- June 1987 - Jan. 1989
2004 - present

Arrogance co-founder Robert Kirkland hires The Hanks as his band for all of 1988

The Ragdads - March 1989 - Feb. 1990

Jeff Hart & The Ruins Jan. 1990 to July 1998. April 2003 - present

Jeff Hart: The Singles 1961 - 1990 released Nov. 1990

The Singles named "Readers' Poll Best Recording by a Local Band 1991" and Critics "Best 10 Releases of 1990" - Spectator Magazine

Joins Chris Stamey and Brent Lambert for acoustic trio shows, later duos with Chris and finally Chris Stamey's Big band with John Howie and Mitch Easter. February 1993 - Summer 1994

Love You Long Time EP cassette released Dec. 1993

Ruins Live EP Cassette "Naked and Unashamed" (out of print) named to Spectator's "Best 10 Releases of 1993".

Songwriters Alliance founded by Chris Stamey, Wes Lachot and Jeff - Fall 1994. Holden Richards and Brad Newell 1996

Glances From a Nervous Groom - released Dec. 1995

Glances CD release party "The First Waltz" features an Arrogance 3/4 reunion, Ryan Adams, The Swamis, Jeff Carroll, Semicolon, plus The Ruins as backing band for Chris Stamey, Phil Lee, Terry Anderson and The Accelerators' Gerald Duncan

Readers' Poll Best Singer-Songwriter 1996 - The Independent Weekly and subsequent "Indycent Exposure" gig at Brewery

Critics' Poll Best Singer-Songwriter 1997 - The Independent Weekly and subsequent "Indycent Exposure" gig at Berkeley Cafe

Dedicated Followers debut - Kinks tribute band with Mike Nicholson, Brad Newell, numerous drummers and Jeff. March 1997 at Pine Hill Farm party, our then rehearsal space.

Jeff joins Two Dollar Pistols on bass - following release of the debut cd and for their Southern-MidSouth-Texas Tour. June 1997 - December 1997

Jeff plays on Doleful Lions debut cd - March 1998. Jeff adds Vox Organ and Chamberlain parts at Mitch Easter's Brickhenge Studio

Panther Branch Boys debut featuring members of The Ruins and Two Dollar Pistols' Steve Watson. January 1998. Later band members include Greg Bower, Jonathan Scott of Doleful Lions and John Flowers of the original Ruins trio.

Brown Mountain Lights are formed as a trio following studio sessions and rehearsals with Janet Place - Feb. 2001. Greg Bower joins May 2001. Band expands to 5 & 6 piece Summer 2001 with rhythm section and pedal steel.

Late Show at The Cave BML debut recorded at 2 live shows at the Cave by Dave Tilley - Recorded Sept. 2002, Released July 2003

Frosted Sugar Bombs debut - Tom Meltzer, Eddie Watkins, Mike Nicholson and Jeff. July 2003 at Bynum General Store.

Upcoming Gigs

Go to http://www.reverbnation.com/jeffhart for the latest gig dates.


Other Artists Who Cover Jeff Hart Songs

Chris Stamey and Alaska (Chapel Hill, NC) - "Love In Return" - played live circa '95-'96

The Vibekillers (Raleigh & NYC) - "So Old" - played live and on their '03 live cd.

Geff King and Karen Collins (Washington, DC) - "Rose of Sharon" - acoustic duet in live shows, 2006.

Jonathan Scott (Doleful Lions, Chicago, Ill.) - "Blue Eyed Love" - live shows 2007.

Midlife Crisis (Raleigh, NC) - "Everybody's Girl" - live shows, 2007.

Traylor Tyre (Raleigh, NC) - "Cry to Me" - 2005 to present.

LOTS of opportunities to catch Jeff play live, either solo or with The Damage Done, The Hanks and Amps Do Furnish A Room. See the "GIG SCHEDULE" link.

See the revamped "PRESS" link. A few choice ones are listed there, but many more from the archives have been added (click here)

Rick Cornell's article on "Meltzer-Hart", can be found at the link at The Independent Weekly.