Biological Test Samples

Three biological samples used in this project included:

Figure 11.  Sample F-14780.  BPAE Cells

Figure 12.  Sample 14781.  BPAE Cells
Figure 13.  Sample F-24631.  Mouse Intestine
  1. Molecular Probes Sample F-1470. BPAE cells stained with DAPI(blue nuclei), BODIPY FL Phallacidin (green actin), and Mitotracker Red CMXRos (red mitochondria).

  2. Molecular Probes Sample F-1471. BPAE cells stained with DAPI(blue nuclei), BODIPY FL Phallacidin (green microtubules), and BODIPY TR-X Phallacidin (red actin).

  3. Molecular Probes Sample F-24631. Mouse intestine section stained with DAPI, AlexaFluor 350 WGA, and AlexaFluor 568 phalloidin.  This sample was labeled for storage under refrigeration.  However, all the samples were stored at room temperature least one year before use.

Images of the samples are shown in figures 11-13.  The 63x (1.4 na) oil objective and 1.4 na oil condenser were used in each case.

During some imaging sessions, the sample received at least 45 minutes of continuous excitation radiation.  No bleaching or photodamage affects were observed.

The project goal of imaging weak fluorescence signals with nanoWatt excitation has been achieved. 

The COSMIC™  imaging technology has shown that superior images can be achieved in brightfield mode and NanoWatt™ fluorescence can be achieved in the new transmitted light fluorescence mode.