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With the exception of the used items, and some of the older models, all of our equipment is sold using a unique alloy shaft. This shaft has variable flex point geometry. What that means is that slower swing speeds cause the low flex point to dominate, high swing speeds cause the high flex point to dominate. All in all, this allows the use of a single shaft, named the "RALEIGH 12" to be used in all of our equipment. We can custom fit to different shafts if you desire. The "RALEIGH 12" has the best feel we have found without sacrificing accuracy or distance. We can soft-step this shaft for extremely slow swings or firm-step it for extremely fast swing.

Fission Wedges
Great set of stainless high chrome wedges for all abilities
Rusty Pro Wedges
Soft Carbon Steel. Chromeless. Will rust to add feel. A true scoring club.
Direct Line Irons
Great set of irons for the mid to low handicappers. Great feedback, great ability to work shots, and forgiveness for those occasional miss-hits.
eXTReme Irons and Driver
These clubs are great for the high to mid-handicapper (although, I know a 6 who uses them and won't give them up)
Used, Demos, and Close-outs
Great stuff at great prices!!!


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