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XTR II Plus!

Game improvement irons and driver for the mid to high handicap player, but with a flair that low handicappers will appreciate. A bit on the funky side, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and once you hit these, they will be beautiful!!

Irons Key Benefits

Progressive top-line thickness helps golfer control shot trajectory through the set.
Thin topline on long irons establishes low center of gravity to help get shots airborne.
Topline width expands through set, providing a confident view at address and lowering trajectory for control and a decreased chance of fliers and "ballooned" shots on wedges and short irons
Dramatic bevel and recessed back distributes extra weight to the toe and heel areas
Lighter weight vertical grooved hosel permits additional perimeter weighting for forgiveness
Progressive offset with enhanced face thickness prevents loss of clubhead-to-ball energy
Available in 1,2,3-PW,SW,XW (eXTRa 60 degree wedge)

Driver Key Benefits

Progressive Design with Aerodynamic Top Shape
Jumbo 250 cc with inset hosel promoting exceptionally solid feel, especially on off-center hits
Low mass grooved hosel that allows additional weight distribution low in the head where it benefits the golfer the most.
Raised crown portion positions more mass directly behind the impact point for driving shot trajectory
Loft of 10 degrees for optimal shot trajectory
High tech top-shelf design also provides a great alignment aid.
Face is square to impact line to fight slicing


Description SKU # Price
3-PW XTRSET $359
individual irons

1, 2, SW, XW

XTR-II Plus Driver XTRDVRS (Raleigh 12 shaft)

XTRDVRG (Ultralight graphite)




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