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  Direct Line Scoring

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Direct Line Irons for the Better Golfer

Direct Line Irons provide a unique concept in golf equipment today - a club designed for the better player, with game improvement features built in!

Key Benefits

Midsize design cast from pure 431 stainless steel
Thin toplines are easy to line up at address
Deep cavity design promotes forgiveness on off-center hits
Double-beveled trailing edge ensures great contact regardless of lie or turf
The #9-iron through SW have an increased number of scorelines to promote spin and control
Progressively more upright lies, from the shorter to longer irons, helps correct the tendency to fade shots struck with long irons
Available in RH #1-9-irons, PW, Grass Wedge and Sand Wedge 



Description SKU # Price
DL Set (3-PW) DLSET $359
Separate Irons





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