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  Rusty Pro Wedge

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Feel The Difference "Rusty" Makes!!

Patterned after the best selling wedges on the PGA tour, these new Carbon Steel Wedges are cast from soft 8620 steel for superior feel and touch around the green.

Key Benefits

Amazing Feel Around Green
No chrome to heighten feel, will rust
This type of non-plated carbon steel wedge is used by Tiger Woods!

Models Available

Model Loft Bounce
Strong 55 53 deg 9  deg
Sand 55 55 deg 11 deg
Sand Lob 55 57 deg 13 deg
Strong 60 58 deg 3  deg
Utility 60 60 deg 5  deg
Weak 60 62 deg 7  deg


Description SKU # Price
rusty rw53, rw55, rw57

rw58, rw60, rw62



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