These are pictures of me and my friends. Hope you enjoy. ^_^

The 1337 krew
  Sam and me at a river near his house in Ashville, I took the picture. 2001.
  Sam wearing the Lain hat I made. 2001.
  Sean in the Lain hat. 2001.
  Sam hiding behind my teddy bear Sano. 2001.
  haxxor sam.
  Aw, it's a sleepy bear.
  Sam's new friend. Christmas 2001.
  At Sam's house in Asheville. 2002. 02 sees a new look for lauren, new glasses. the old ones broke.

  Snow January 2002
  Nick in a backhoe in our apartment complex parking lot- 2002.
  November '00. From balcony of Sullivan dorm.

Halloween 2000
  Nuns: it is a long standing tradition for some people to dress up for halloween and go down to Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. This was my first year going and I went with Kevin, my then boyfriend, and some of his friends. Order is Max, James, me, Kevin, Mike.
  Xavier as Bakus, god of Wine
  Olsk(aka Kevin) as trash
  Efenwealt does drag
  A kitty, a personification of spring and one of fall, and a monster... what a group

Neko-con 3, October 27-29, 2000
  Nick does Dance Dance Revolution at Neko-con 3
  Another of Nick at Neko-con 3
  Nick in Mandie's Pink Hat before the dance
  Another of Nick in the hat (why are there so many of Nick ?!?!)
  Me in my litte hat I made modeled after one of lain's
  Mandie bending over getting ready for the dance
  A little S & M before we head down to the dance
  Zak being a poo head right before he escapes to avoid the dance ^_^
  Mandie with her new toy as we wait outside the art auction
  Kana (mandie's new toy) lookin' cool in some shades

gratuitous pictures of me
  Baby Bean Lauren- house in Illinois.
  My senior picture
  Me at Christmas, pointing at a random ornament and trying to look suave
  A black and white photo of me, cut from a bigger picture
  Before my senior prom
  Another before senior prom
  At the actual prom and my all time favorite picture of myself
  more in the lauren section

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