my persona

Members of the Society for Creative Anacronism create 'personas' that they act as while at events. These personas are created around a particular culture of the Middle Ages and Rennaissance time period and include a period name and period dress. It's not required to create personas, but it's certainly more fun if you do. And you don't need to wear just clothes from your personas time period if you don't want to. Below are a few key things about the persona I have created.

   Name: Higashiyama Yukiko
   DOB: February 14
   Current Year:
   Current Age: 22
   Home: The East side of Kyoto

my garb

Garb, as many of you know, is what is also refered to as a costume. In the SCA, we dress up in the garb of our personna, but sometimes we don't always wear garb from our personna's culture. Since I am a broke college student, I haven't been able to make garb for my Japanese me so I only have pictures of my Italian Ren (I don't think there are pictures of the other outfits I have made so that's the only one you get:).

12th Night (2001) is a costume affair and I was dressed like my version of a fallen angel, that's what the make-up is about. The wings will be seen in the art section.


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