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Generally Useful:
     -BBC News
     -NC State University
     -NC Art Museum
     -Movie Minder

Online Comics:
     -Penny Arcade
     -8-bit Comics
     -Small Stories
     -Mac Hall

Music Related:
     -WKNC- NC State Radio
     -WCPE- NC's Classical Station
     -Japanese Channel

Webpage Related:
     -Completely Free Guide to HTML & Javascript
     -HTML Tag List
     -Some Colors

     -Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
     -Kass McGann's Heian Info Packets
     -Lady Fujiwara's Wardrobe Unlocked (by above)
     -Canton of Elvegast- design and upkeep by me
     -The Acorn

     -Homestar Runner
     -Radiskull & Devildoll
     -Atom Films
     -View Askewniverse
     -Lego Studios Screening Room