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I really hope you enjoy my site! I love making webpages, maintaining them and getting them finished in some expediant manor seems to be a problem for me though. I guess you can forgive me, right? Perhaps you noticed that this page lacks as much color as the rest, this is because my favorite color is black and Fillerbunny (where the picture is from) just happened to be in black and white anyways. Any quesitons or comments can be directed to Thanks a bunch. Now look at what else there is.

jhonen vasquez dancin' like a maniac, like me

oname wa: Lauren
hobbies: sewing, knitting, messing around on the computer, anything japan related
major: Art History
fav color: black
fav anime: Cowboy Bebop and many others
fav paper comics: Sandman, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee, I Feel Sick, The Watchmen
fav online comics: Penny Arcade, Megatokyo, 8-bit Theatre and Homestar Runner
fav books: a bunch of sci-fi and fantasy books

*some webcam pics
*a few of my favorite links
*my sca personna and creations