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Grading scale: 4 Aoshis is Great --- 1 Aoshi is really sucky.

Animazement '98
Ah, my first con ever. It was all that I was imagining and more. Especially since I didn't know what to expect in the first place. ^_^ It was Animazement's first con too so it was pretty cool that not too many things went wrong... from my standpoint. We (being Mike, Brian and Aaron) didn't stay in the hotel, which in my opinion took a bit away from the experience but oh well. I really don't remember a lot about it since it was two years ago and all but if it had been utterly bad, I would have remembered.

Otacon '98
This one also gets three Aoshi-chan's. It was my second con and it's where I bought Mokona and watched all of Magic Knights Rayearth, that's all it really had going for it. We (Mike, Mandie, Aaron and I) stayed in the hotel this time, only because it was in Arlington, VA and all. When me and Aaron tried to go to the drawing panel, we found out we had to sign up for it and after we had done that, there was no room or supplies for us. That stank. All in all, we had a great time but those little things do count.

Animazement '99
Ah, this Animazement was cool because I got to dress up! Yeah! Mandie and I were Linlin and Ranran from Ranma 1/2. It was really fun to have our pictures taken all the time and have people recognize us and all that fun stuff ^_^ We actually did a skit too, but we didn't win anything, that was stinky. There was a dance too, which rocked beyond belief. I danced all night with this guy I met in the cosplay line. Tons of fun except it was bad fun since I started doing it right after my then boyfriend (Skater Action Matt) had left. Hehe, I'm bad. I spent lots of money and went home happy and little guilty. ^_^

Otacon '99
Baltimore, MD. Great town but it was stinking hot outside and we (Skater Action Matt, Mandie and I) had to walk outside to get to the convention center. I had fun all the same, even though I was bad again. I hung out with Jeremy all day Saturday, only because we were doing a skit together and he wanted me to help him around all day. He was a scale Deathscythe... made of cardboard. We won awards, mostly because he fell down during the skit but that's beside the point. The cosplay was REALLY unorganized so that detracted from the experience. The dealers room wasn't very impressive either. I bought a bunch still but it was mostly my CLAMP School tapes and Card Captor Sakura soundtrack that made me happy.

Animazement 2000
This time it was Me, Mandie, Dennis (Mandie's Beau), Nicole, Crenshaw, John, Kevin something, and Genny all staying in the same room. It was crowded and there were strange things going on in the night. And during the day from what I hear. I had lots of fun taking pictures, hanging out with Travis (president of TAAS) and flirting and such, I'm a free woman for this con. Dance was great, I danced with a whole bunch of sexy guys ^_^. Bought a whole bunch of stuff. There was something lacking however and I don't know what. Probably just that I didn't go into any video rooms and that I was really tired. *shrug* I dressed up as Fujin from FF8 though and that was cool. I love costumizing.

Otakon 2000
I didn't end up going to this one, though I had planned on it. I waited too long and didn't have a place to stay. Oh well, I'm sure the crowding would have made me miserable.

Neko-con 2000
Ah, I am now convinced smaller may be best. Neko-con didn't have an impressive guest list but I was impressed all around by the people who were there. Especially some of the cosplayers. The skits were so much better then a lot of the crap that comes through the bigger cons. I didn't have a whole lots of money to spend in the dealers room but I did notice that there was a lot of Gundam Wing, Card Captor and Sakura Wars stuff along with the staples like Sailor Moon and Evangelion. I bought the cd Cowboy Bebop: Blue, a model of the Swordfish II (Spike's mono racer), a Trigun artbook and a Kaworu Doujinshi pin. I went to the music video workshop and learned a lot about the mistakes I've been making, I saw parts of the Jpop and how to draw manga workshops but they weren't all the interesting. The music videos in the music video contest rocked. I especially liked the Ryoko's Pain, Mononoke Hime and the Sir Mix-A-Lot vids. Much more impressive then last years Animazement videos. As for the cosplay, it rocked, rolled and kicked a few asses in the process, like I said before. I took lots of pictures this time so check out the pics section. OH! and we saw the coolest game in the game room! It was called Samba di Amigo. It was much like Dance Dance Revolution (which was also being played in it's own little room) in that it uses a pad that you stand on and it has great music but the difference is that you use maracas! Yes, you read that right, maracas, the little things you shake that make noise. It was soooooooo amusing. I want it except I have no money. Over all it was a good con, I needed the break. C-tron forever!

I'm not done going to cons, I'm just bored writing about them. Sorry.

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