I'm a pretty artsy girl, ya know. I do plenty of drawing and messing around in photoshop. Being an Art History major (and no, I have no idea WHAT I'll be doing with that but it's what I want) I have a large appreciation for art, even some of my own. Let me know if you like any of it, but don't tell me if you don't like it ;) Get larger versions by clicking.

I sketch sometimes. Here is one of an angel, and one of me lonely.

I did a very short comic based on how me and my friend Sam met. One day I will finish, or perhaps continue doing something along the lines but for now I give you page 1, page 2, and the ever elusive page 3.

I enjoy making desktops for myself from pictures I have found or scanned in (all or most in 1024x768 resolution), here are a few:

This is one of my art projects from ADN 111. I liked this one because I got to use my favorite object, my computer, and my favorite anime, Evangelion. The project was about transparency and transformation. The assignment was to take an exsisting picture and transform it. So, what I did was take a picture of EVA Unit 01 and cut it out. Then I took a circuit drawing and fiddled with it to make the background (fiddled = applied various colors and filters) and then pasted Unit 01 on. My goal with this was to convey the psychotic aspect of the character, so i made a dizzying effect with motion blur and many transparent copies of the picture. My classmates loved it and commented about how well I got the psychotic thing down. ^_^

Yoji of Weiss Kreuz done in pencil.

Ken of Weiss Kreuz... also done in pencil.

All the ones in this section
were done in Photoshop
in my spare time