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Yeah, yeah, another stupid cat page. My name is Willy Elmo (yeech!). My human units also call me " Little Fat Guy", "Big Fat Guy", "Fats", "Wilbert" (since I'm such a 'puter nerd), "Wilberticus" "Pumpkin", "Lovebug", (when I'm nice), and "You little *#*&#!*#!" (when I'm mean). I'm not really mean, I just enjoy biting the humans, and anything else, for that matter. I also get a big kick out of raising cain when the humans go to sleep. And is it my fault they don't like to get up at 4:00 a.m.? Personally, I like to sleep during the daylight hours.

Ah, it's a cats' world, I tell ya! All I ask of the humans is that they keep my bowl full and my box clean. And I'd better get the attention I deserve when I want it! Oh, and please don't disturb me when I'm trying to sleep !

willy on his back

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willy in donut Yeah, right! Like all I ever do is eat
and lounge around in this fuzzy green donut !
As you paw around my pages
you'll find that I'm a cat of many interests.
Visit my Art Gallery,
or come meet some of my pals in the Library.
I'm also quite an authority on Human Training.
As are we all, right kitties?

And when you're through with the serious stuff,



It was a BLAST !


upside down willy


World Wide Willy - More pictures of Me
Human Training - My monthly Advice Column
Blue Light Special - A History, of sorts
The Library - Where I entertain my Friends
The Treehouse - My secret Hideaway
Quotes For Cats - For Literary cats
My Little Art Gallery - Cute cat pictures
My Humans - Meet my pet Humans
My CLAW Page - I'm proud to be a Cat who Rules !
Clubs for Cats - No D*gs allowed !
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A Tribute
Clyde Big Paws

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