The Treehouse


Shh !!!
This is where I stash all my secret stuff !
The humans are much better off
not knowing about some things :)


image Lady Shel's Cyber-Kitty
Adoption Center image

This is my cyberkitty, Seamus.
Since the humans won't get me a little brother or sister,
I adopted this little guy from Lady Shel.

imageLady Shel's Cyber-Kitty
Adoption Centerimage

I didn't want Seamus to get lonely,
so I adopted little Caitlin to keep him company.

image imageimage

My buddy Boo started a cool support group
for those of us who are "wild at heart".
I keep it secret 'cause the humans wouldn't approve :).


These are some little tricks that Suse's cats shared with me.
I have to admit I use them myself quite often.
They're guaranteed to keep the humans on their toes.


Barf this morning's breakfast.
(the carpeting is always best, but the bed is pretty good, too.)

Leave little not-easily-seen items around
for owners to step on in their bare feet, preferably
right out of bed in the morning.
This could also apply to a good place to barf.

image image

The proper time to wash one's rear end is,
of course, in the center of the living room floor
while there is company in the house.

Lay on the computer equipment
....the hair can best clog up printers, from what I understand.


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