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willy's library

Every cat needs a quiet, relaxing place to unwind once in awhile. When we moved to our new house I commandeered the upstairs"library" as my own special retreat, where I can get away from the rat race. This is where I entertain my friends

My library has a closet where I hide from the humans, and the window has a nice ledge where I can stretch out. I like to cackle at the birds, and watch the ducks on the lake. . It's fun to see the little squirrels run around in the trees too. I can also keep an eye on all the neighborhood cats, especially STUBBY!


This gal is the terror of the neighborhood! I can't figure out if she loves me or hates me! Whatever it is, she won't leave me alone! One time she marched right into my house and attacked me! I don't know what her name is, but I call her Stubby because she doesn't have a tail. Just a little stub. I guess it IS kind of cute.

Henry Von Tudor The magnificent Henry Von Tudor,
a prince among cats.
My buddy, and brother Tabby.
Henry is Grandmaster of
The Back Fence Cat Club
. This guy really knows how
to throw a party!
He's also quite talented.

Henry's new little sisfur, Baby Freya ,
is creating quite a stir amongst the "cat crowd".
This youngster is already an internet sensation !

I'd like to introduce
my friend and colleague, Boo.
We've teamed up together to teach
a course in "human training" at the
CLAW club.



Pick it, Slim !


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